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Dollar and Chinese yuan

Brazil Blames Cheap US Dollar and Not China for Global Trade Tension

Brazil is thinking about taking additional steps to limit gains in the local currency, ...

Yuan, China's currency

For Brazil Lack of Growth and China’s Currency Are Distortions in World Market

For Brazil’s central bank chief Henrique Meirelles, a stronger Chinese currency is “critical” for ...

Lula with Ahmadinejad

Lula Calls for New Global Order and More Patience with Iran

Among the subjects discussed at the BRICs summit, in separate meetings between president Luiz ...

Lula talks in Copenhagen

Copenhagen: What a Farce! Obama Fizzles, China Sulks, Only Lula Shines

The most progressive US president in a generation comes to the most important international ...

Super Tucano plane

After Calling for Stop to Arms Race in LatAm Peru Buys Fighter Planes from Brazil

Alan Garcia, the president of Peru, defended his government's decision to purchase Chinese tanks ...

Brazilian workers

Brazil Not Only Out of Crisis, It’s Now Growing like China, Says Lula

The president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said that Latin America's largest ...

Chinese yuan

Studies to Eliminate Dollar in Brazil-China Trade Going Slow

China and Brazil have created a work group to study the possibility of implementation ...

French fighter jet Rafale

Why the US Weapons Industry Has Lost Brazil and LatAm to China and Europe

The news that Brazil is planning to buy French fighter jets confirms a trend ...

Cargo ship

Only Chinese and Arabs Are Buying More from Brazil

Upon analyzing the figures of the Brazilian trade balance from January to July, one ...