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Ameron Brazil to Export Epoxy Pipes

Ameron Plastic pipe company Ameron Brazil Pipe Factory and Trade is investing 45 million Brazilian reais (US$ 28.5 million) in the establishment of an industrial unit in the city of Betim, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, capital of the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The factory should produce plastic pipes in Epoxy resin, strengthened with fiberglass.

The works for construction of the unit started early this year. "We are investing our own funds, we have already purchased all the finishing material. We hope to assemble the equipment at the end of August, for production – 24 hours a day – to begin in November," stated the superintendent director at Ameron, Fernando Procópio de Lima Netto.

The unit should have a 450 square-meter (4,844 square-feet) warehouse to stock resin. A 2,860 square-meter (30,785 square-feet) warehouse is already practically built. The structure should also include an 860 square- meter (9,257 square-feet) office. Next year, a new warehouse should be erected, reaching maximum capacity with two production lines.

This kind of product is normally imported by the Brazilian market and is turned, mainly to the oil sector, ironworks industry and pulp and paper area. Half of the production of the Ameron unit should be exported. Initial revenues are expected to reach 20 million reais (US$ 12.7 million), but they should climb to 40 million reais (US$ 13.8 million) from 2011 on.

Ameron is a multinational that operates in the sectors of engineering, chemistry, energy, transportation and infrastructure. The company is the world leader in the pipe market for transport of water, oil and chemical and corrosive liquids. The company has operations in several parts of the world, including the state of Minas Gerais.



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