Vietnam Win Over US Is Life Lesson to The World, Says Brazil’s Lula in Hanoi

    Brazilian president Lula and Vietnamese counterpart, Nguyen

    Brazilian president Lula and Vietnamese counterpart, Nguyen Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the Brazilian president, during his visit to Vietnam and under the watchful eyes of an Ho Chi Minh's statue described that country's war against the United States, which ended with the country's union and full independence, as a "victory of the oppressed."

    The Brazilian leader and his Vietnamese counterpart, Nguyen Minh Triet, also pledged to support each other in the bid for greater representation of developing nations in the global political and trade arenas.

    On a one-day visit to Vietnam after attending the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Japan, when he met with US president, George Bush, Lula visited the mausoleum of the late President Ho Chi Minh and laid a wreath at the war veterans' memorial.

    "What Vietnam did was much more than winning the war and deserves the respect of all of mankind. What you've done here was much more than winning a war. It was a life lesson that taught all human beings that when we want something and are determined to get it, we will be invincible," the former union leader said after he was received with full military honors.

    "Your victory was a victory of the oppressed and we feel proud of it," he added.

    Lula also praised the post-war economic recovery of the unified Vietnam, which has seen annual growth rates of more than 7% for the past decade and rapidly reduced poverty to less than 20% of its population.

    "The Vietnamese people have always known how to defend their sovereignty and independence," Lula said.

    "With the same perseverance with which it achieved its independence, Vietnam distinguishes itself with the good performance and the high growth rates of its economy."

    President Triet thanked the Brazilian leader for supporting Vietnam's 2007 World Trade Organization (WTO) accession and non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council, which it chairs this month.

    He also reaffirmed Vietnam's support for Brazil's bid for a permanent seat on the Security Council. Lula said he was certain "that Vietnam shares with us the vision that global problems cannot be solved only by the main industrialized countries".

    On global trade talks, where Brazil has led calls for a fairer regime for poor countries, Lula called Vietnam "an important ally in the struggle to put an end to distortions in international trade."



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    • forrest allen brown

      the full comittment to war over rights of the people .

      or the terroest killing of people licluding your own people

      it the name of GOD , BUDA , ALI


      lula and see your friend

    • ch.c.

      Yess well done…well done Vietnam !!!!!
      As per

      Vietnam poverty rate : 14,8 % (2007 estimates)
      BRAZIL : 31 % (2005 estimates)

      Simple proof that not only Vietnam has a lower rate of poverty……but when compared to GDP per capita stats become
      HORRENDOUS……for Lula the Crook !!!!

      I can only repeat, wether Brazilians like or not, but Brazil has the World Highest Poverty Rate…when compared to the GDP !!!!!!!!!

      Viva the Cheating Emperor !!!! The one doing worse than everyone else….ON EARTH . More simple…there is not !
      I wish a junkie in this site….proves me wrong….if he can !

    • Vietnam was a well deserved Black Eye…
      on the american crusaders… Well done, well done!


    • João da Silva

      Do you realize that the comments you made are one of your many brilliant ones so far? Gee, McCain has the endorsement of his ex-jailer, ex-nurse, etc; in Vietnam for his candidacy. All he needs is an endorsement from OBL!

      This afternoon, I was talking to an elderly American lady , who was disappointed with all the candidates in the Presidential elections in U.S. But she would never vote McCain, for the simple reason that she hates wars and which she thinks are all made up by greedy politicians.

      For Squid to come out with a statement like this is indeed disgusting. I don’t think that many young Brazilians (including him) are aware of what happened there a long time ago.I really don’t know what the game is. The Vietnamese want to export textiles to Brazil? Probably, Ch.c will be able to explain, as one of his kids is investing in Tourist industry there.

    • forrest allen brown

      brasil had better watch out for lula
      for him to even think he knows what went on over there is showing how big a idiot he is .

      on two seperat ocations the north was going to quit but the press in the states made the military look like baby killers
      and the bombing was stoped and they started up again .read the to top north generals books about the war , HO BY THE WAY THEY BOOTH LIVE IN THE US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
      like in the first gulf war stoping the bombing after 100 hours as the press was reporting only the negative side .
      never showed the hundreds of kuaits killed by the sadams men , all the theft , rapes , and people hung butterfly style to get info from them and to this day over 1000 are still missing !!!

      and did any one see what the new castro asid in his speach
      cuba needs to get read for true comminsum , looks like china has made a home there and with chaves

      LULA WILL BE THE NEXT , or at leas brasil

      another thing a war run by politicans looking for votes can never be a good thing as they only see what the press tells them about what the press reports , and a body count for the US not the other side

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