Acquittal of Brazilian Man Accused of Ordering US Nun Killing Called Provocation

    US missionary Sister Dorothy Mae Stang

    US missionary Sister Dorothy Mae Stang The Brazilian Justice in the state of Pará acquitted the rancher Vitalmiro Bastos de Moura, also known as Bida, who was accused of having ordered the assassination of the American missionary Dorothy Stang.  The decision was made by the jury, on May 6, with five votes to two.

    The acquittal continues to provoke indignation.  "I am very disappointed, but I respect the Brazilian State and the opinion of the jury," affirmed David Stang, brother of Dorothy, who came from the United States. 

    For the lawyer of the Brazilian CPT (Pastoral Land Commission), José Batista Afonso, the decision represented a "provocation for crime".  According to him, there was enough proof for condemning Bida.

    The lawyer affirmed that "no new fact was added since the first judgment" which occurred in 2007.  On that occasion, the rancher was sentenced to 30 years in prison.  Bida has been in prison since March of 2005, and he only had the right to a new trial because it was his first offense and the sentence exceeded 20 years.

    The reversal in this case was provoked by the change in testimony of the gunman Rayfran das Neves, accused of having executed the assassination.  In the beginning, he had argued that he had killed Dorothy on the orders of Bida, who had given him the weapon used in the crime. 

    But on May 6, Rayfran changed his testimony and assumed individual responsibility for the homicide, affirming that there had been no one ordering him to do it.

    For the accusation, this testimony was essential for the reversal of the case.  The prosecutor Edson de Souza will appeal the decision.  In his closing remarks, the prosecutor said that the missionary, "who was so persecuted in life" was "being insulted in death".  The prosecutor maintained the accusation of aggravated homicide against Moura. 

    He affirmed that the crime was committed as a result of a promise of payment.  And he reported to the court that his family was receiving threats for him to stop the process.  "These threats, made through anonymous phone calls, have been going on for about a year," said Souza.

    In 2005, after being jailed, Rayfran had confessed to the Federal Police that the rancher Bida had offered him 10,000 reais (US$ 6,098) if he would assume sole responsibility for the crime and clear the name of Amair Feijoli da Cunha, supposed intermediary of the rancher Bida.

    One of the arguments used by the defense in the new trial was that the accused was being persecuted as a result of pressure from the media, the government, and international NGOs.  The lawyer Eduardo Imbiriba even accused Dorothy of inciting violence in the region of Anapu, where the missionary was assassinated.

    The death of the sister has had international repercussions and has become a landmark of Brazilian agrarian conflict.  Dorothy, a defender of human rights who worked in the area of agrarian conflicts, was killed by gunshots in Anapu, 300 kilometers from the capital of Pará, on February 12, 2005.  The American missionary had worked with the social movements in Pará for 40 years.

    More Death Threats

    Three hundred people who live in the interior of the state of Pará are being threatened with death for having denounced cases of human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, and pedophilia.

    The number was announced by the bishop of the Diocese of Ilha de Marajó in Pará, Dom José Luiz Azcona, in an extra-ordinary meeting of the Council for the Defense of the Rights of Human Beings (CDDPH).  He is one of the four religious figures threatened with death in the state.

    Azcona affirmed that the government of Pará, despite knowing this figure, still has not taken measures for reducing these incidences.  "I do not worry as much about my own personal security.  If there are 300 men and women marked by death, this indicates a society that is sick, poor, and dying," he criticized.

    According to the bishop, barely 100 of those threatened by death are under the protection of the federal government.  "There has to be a change in mentality, a conversion.  It is necessary to look at the Amazon as the Amazon is, not with the eyes of Brasí­lia." 

    The bishop further added that there is knowledge of and tacit approval by the local authorities in cases of "prostitution, trafficking and consumption of drugs, and the use of alcoholic beverages among youth."

    ABr/Brasil de Fato


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    • João da Silva

      [quote]when one hides the truth
      than the lie becomes a fact
      of history[/quote]

      Quote of the week. There again the same history repeats again and again.

    • forrest allen brown

      one can see by her picture she was a force to be recond with
      and in brazil to hide the truth from the outside world is simple
      and that is what they did just another gringo no big deal no headlines all over the world

      when one hides the truth
      than the lie becomes a fact
      of history

    • CHC À¢€“ Chronicle Herpes Carrier
      The man with itchy genitaliaÀ¢€¦. Did you take your medicine today?


    • forrest allen brown

      if you give up all hope
      than you can not be hurt if nothing comes through for you

      just look into the eyes of
      the poor
      the hungry
      the unschooled

    • ch.c.

      Proof that what I said is totally correct…..:
      “Three hundred people who live in the interior of the state of ParÀƒ¡ are being threatened with death for having denounced cases of human trafficking, sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, and pedophilia. “

      Are foreign tourists…..really going in the interior of Para….for sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and pedophilia ?????

      100 % of those crimes are made by BRAZILIANS…..NOT BY FOREIGNERS.

      But of course, Lula and his gang of crooks, cheaters and liars are talking LOUD and ARROGANTLY….ONLY about foreigners sexual tourists.”

      Fighting against the tip of the iceberg is fine….as long as you do the same for the other 90 % that you do everything to hide !

      In my view Brazilians want to preserve sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, and pedophilia…..for themseveles…. and are not happy when foreigners create inflated prices….that you are NOT WILLING TO COMPOETE WITH OR UNABLE TO AFFORD !!!!
      You want everything for free : free sex with your minors, free LINUX software, free ONE way trade, free ONE way taxes, free corruption, free vote buying. free impunity, free to cheat, hide and lie, free to copy foreign software or clothes, free killings of innocents by your police forces, free to have deaths squads killings innocents adults and children, freedom to kill or threaten of deaths…those disagreeing with your practices and wishing to reveal them.

      And you prove my accusations…ON A DAILY BASIS…AT LEAST ONCE !!!!

      Brazil imports/exports should be banned from/to developed nations. Developed nations should close ALL their Brazilians subsidiaries producing cars, trucks, harvesters.
      Developed nations should refuse to even negotiate with Brazil at the WTO.
      Developed nations should agree on a law that doesnt allow ONE DOLLAR….to be invested in Brazil.

      Brazil is a country of NO HOPE.
      And the first rule is….NEVER EVER TRUST WHAT A BRAZILIAN SAYS OR PROMISES !!!!!! Cheating, lying and hiding is in the Brazilian genes, Brazilian education, Brazilian daily and normal lifestyle.
      An incurable society.

    • João da Silva

      [quote]No referrence to Joao da Silva…one of the few clever and “apparent pro justice” Brazilians !
      Dont worry Joao, the other Da Silva and his gang are also “apparent pro justice” when you read what they are saying. smile !
      Sorry Joao this was just my cynical mind…at work ! But I dont believe what I wrote for your name. [/quote]

      No need to apologize.mein kamaraden! There are plenty of other good Brazilians too.Remember what “Gringo” wrote about his Brazilian wife and his circle of friends.Not many come into this blog. Also remember the Brazilian lady who works for Rolex!!

      On a serious note, I think that the educated middle class is becoming cynical as well as indifferent to important issues that have to be discussed and solved.More informed one is, more cynical he or she becomes!

    • ch.c.

      Sad reality !
      The Brazilian Deaths Squads kill hundreds of innocent Brazilian children….ANNUALLY !!!!
      Deaths swauds being of course…..police forces simply not in uniform and not on regular work duty. But on special duty….ordered by their hiercharchy…to clean the place.

      Thus why care about the killings of an old lady, foreigner or not ????

      In Brazil no one deserves a jail term for this type of killings.


      Those really in jail are the petty thieves, such as a young mother who got a 4 year jail term because she stole a tube of butter !!!!!
      A FAR more criminal act…than killing someone….as per THE WORLD FAMOUS BRAZILIAN SUPREME COURT….OF INJUSTICE !!!!

      Viva Brazil ! Viva Bin the Crook and his 4000 thieves in command of the country and name by his HIGHNESS……Da Silva !!!! 😀 😉

      No referrence to Joao da Silva…one of the few clever and “apparent pro justice” Brazilians !
      Dont worry Joao, the other Da Silva and his gang are also “apparent pro justice” when you read what they are saying. smile !
      Sorry Joao this was just my cynical mind…at work ! But I dont believe what I wrote for your name.
      But I really meant it far deeper than that….for HIS HIGHNESS !!!!!
      He is a true shame to humanity.

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