Internet use in Brazil With 19.3 million Internet users, Brazil is ranked number 1 in the websphere by comScore, a company that measure the digital world. The new numbers were released today and they offer an overview of Internet usage in Latin America, a region that is home to nearly 62 million of the 850 million worldwide Internet users.

    The data are for people age 15 and older using the Internet at home and work locations.

    In April, Brazil had the largest Internet audience in Latin America with more than 19 million Internet users. Brazilians also exhibited heavy engagement, with the average Internet user spending 30.2 hours online during the month, substantially higher than the Latin American (28.6 hours) and worldwide (25.7 hours) averages.

    Argentina (32.4 hours) and Venezuela (31.5 hours) also exhibited heavy engagement. Despite their heavy engagement while online, Latin Americans are less frequent Internet users, with most countries falling below the worldwide average for usage days per month.

    "The Latin American Internet audience has grown significantly during the past year and at a substantially faster rate than more established Internet markets like North America and Europe," said Jack Flanagan, comScore executive vice president.

    "The high engagement among Latin American Internet users, combined with this rapidly expanding audience, represents a sizable market opportunity for Internet companies choosing to focus their efforts on this region."

    Overview of Latin American Internet Usage by Country – April 2008

    Total Latin America, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations*
    Source: comScore World Metrix
       Average         Average
    Markets          Total Unique    Usage Days       Hours per
                     Visitors (000)    per Visitor    Visitor

    Worldwide         849,580           17.1             25.7
    Latin America      61,610           16.3             28.6
    Brazil             19,320           16.0             30.2
    Mexico             11,773           14.7             23.7
    Argentina           8,440           17.8             32.4
    Chile               5,320           17.4             28.4
    Colombia            3,284           16.4             27.9
    Venezuela           1,556           17.2             31.5
    Puerto Rico           854           15.0             19.7

    *Excludes traffic from public computers, such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones/PDAs.

    Google on Top

    Google sites ranked as the top property in Latin America with more than 55 million visitors in April, (approximately 90% of the total Latin American audience), an increase of 22% versus the same month last year. The property has been bolstered by the growth of several Google-owned entities, including (up 81% to 30.6 million visitors), (up 65% to 27.8 million visitors) and Orkut (up 31% to 15.2 million visitors).

    Top 25 Properties by Number of Latin American Unique Visitors – April 2008
    Total Latin America, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations*
    Source: comScore World Metrix

    Top 25 Properties    Total Unique
           Visitors (000)
    Total Internet : Total Audience                       61,610
    Google Sites                                          55,290
    Microsoft Sites                                       54,914
    Yahoo! Sites                                          38,621
    MercadoLibre                                          27,534
    Wikipedia Sites                                       26,347
    Terra Networks                                        25,873
    UOL Sites                                             16,711
    Orange Sites                                          15,241
    WordPress                                             14,570
    HI5.COM                                               12,831
    Groupe Hi-Media                                       12,242
    Grupo Brasil Telecom                                  12,103
    Organizações Globo                                    11,851
    Fox Interactive Media                                 11,793
    AOL LLC                                               11,122
    Grupo Intercom                                        10,661
    Ask Network                                            8,967
    Gruppo DADA                                            8,956
    Adobe Sites                                            8,854
    BuscaPé Inc.                                           8,805
    Batanga                                                8,797
    MONOGRAFIAS.COM                                        8,297
    Apple Inc.                                             7,821
    eBay                                                   7,725
    FACEBOOK.COM                                           7,711

    *Excludes traffic from public computers, such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones/PDAs.

    Heavy Communication

    Latin Americans spend the most time online – nearly 29 hours per month on average – compared to other worldwide regions. Usage of various online communication media drives much of their online engagement.

    Users spend a significant portion of their time each month on instant messengers (9.2 hours per visitor), social networking sites (5.9 hours per visitor), and e-mail (4.1 hours per visitor). 

    Portals, which aggregate a variety of content across a network of sites, ranked as the most engaging site category, with 13.4 hours per visitor.

    Highest Engagement Categories Among Latin American Internet Users – April 2008
    Total Latin America, Age 15+, Home and Work Locations
    Source: comScore World Metrix

    Site Category  Average Hours    Average Minutes
            per Visitor      per Usage Day
    Total LatAm Internet Audience    
       28.6             105.3
    Portals                 13.4              35.8
    Instant Messengers       9.2              31.6
    Social Networking        5.9              25.9
    e-mail                   4.1              22.1
    Entertainment            2.2              10.0
    Games                    1.7              13.0
    Photos                   1.7              16.0
    Multimedia               1.4              10.2
    Kids                     1.2              18.4
    Online Gaming            1.1              12.2


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    • ch.c.

      “and at a substantially faster rate than more established Internet markets like North America and Europe,”
      Funny the stats of 19,3 millions.
      Anyway….coming from brazilian source….very typical !

      But your market penetration being so much lower than in the USA or Europe…..quite normal your growth rate is higher… !!

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