Brazil Hopeful Europe Will Halt Brazilian Beef Ban

    Brazilian cattle

    Brazilian cattle Paris-based OIE (Animal Health Organization) is expected to declare 10 states of Brazil, including the Federal District of BrasÀ­lia, free of foot and mouth disease with vaccination.

    The decision was communicated this week to Agriculture minister Reinhold Stephanes by the Brazilian delegation participating in the 76th General assembly of OIE.

    The states involved are Bahia, Espí­rito Santo, Goiás, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Sergipe, Tocantins plus the Federal District.

    Inácio Kroetz, who heads the Brazilian delegation to the OIE meeting, said further information on the state of Mato Grosso do Sul was requested at OIE, which has been delivered.

    This is interpreted as a positive signal since an assessment is scheduled for next July by OIE experts and could mean Mato Grosso do Sul could finally be also included in the list free of the FAM virus with vaccination.

    "The main result of this coming announcement from OIE will be the reopening of markets for Brazilian beef, and this should help to boost prices of livestock," said minister Stephanes.

    Luciano Vaccari, president of the Mato Grosso do Sul Livestock breeders said that "OIE approval will leave no doubts about the sanitary condition of our herds and this will force the European Union to review its decision regarding the ban on Brazilian beef".

    Forced by strong cattle breeders lobbies from Ireland and UK, the EC is demanding strict traceability conditions on Brazilian livestock and beef.

    In related news and after years of diplomatic wrangling, South Korea announced Thursday that it will start inspecting US beef imports. The move will lead to a full resumption of US beef imports for the first time in four years.

    A case of mad cow disease in Washington state prompted South Korea to close its doors to imports. Some eight months ago South Korea suspended quarantine inspections after fragments of banned vertebral bones were found in beef shipments from the US.

    An official notice by the South Korean Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries minister on resumption of US beef imports will take effect the moment it is published in the government gazette.

    "New beef import terms will be published in the official gazette two or three days later," said Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Chung Woon-chun.



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    • ch.c.

      To Costa !
      And have you had many….in your back…this week end ?
      Those wont pass….the EU sanitation strict sanitation.
      And if you did not know yet, my country is not part of the EU !!!!!
      I Feel sorry for your total ignorance, but you reflect the average Brazilian after all.
      You open your mouth just to open it, but dont even know what you are talking about.
      And your comments on the article subject just prove it …..once more.

      On a more serious note, let me smile on the comments “”OIE approval will leave no doubts about the sanitary condition of our herds ….etc”
      Welllll….the OIE believed so more than once before. That is why more than one ban occured in the past. Because you have cheated, lied and hidden….time and again.

      Lets see this time, how long you will keep your promises.

      Furthermore it is not every cattle from the mentioned states that will be able tgo be exported to the EU !
      It simply doesnt work like that.
      It will be only the farms CERTIFIED by your government.
      And we all know how some of these farms got certification….without even javing been controlled by your government. I can only suppose it was depending how much farmers were ready to pay for your corrupted officials to obtain the certification.

      As to the quality of your meat, lets face it, the Argentinean beef is 10 times superior to yours.
      Unfortunately they also dont pass our strict sanitation measures.

      Ask any one of your choice in the EU what meat they would prefer to buy if imports were allowed : Brazilian or Argentinean beef ????????
      Dont quote me badly, I did not say yours is bad.I said if the choice is allowed, EU consumers would prefer to buy ………not yours ! 😀 😉

    • ….

      What are you talking about???
      CHC has been eating or swallowing Brazilian sausages for the longest time!



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