Brazil Threatens to Expel NGOs and Foreigners from the Amazon

    Brazilian Indians

    Brazilian Indians The Brazilian government is drafting a law asserting sovereignty over the often lawless Amazon region. The Lula administration wants greater control over environmental, human rights and religious groups, most of them foreign, who live and work in the area.

    These groups often work with indigenous groups in the Amazon and say their main concern is to help indigenous people to secure and protect their rights. Environmentalists on the other have long been decrying deforestation of the region be it for farming or cattle raising.

    Brazilian officials and the Armed Forces have often voiced concern that the foreigners are a front for efforts to take control of the Amazon land.

    The Brazilian minister of Justice, Tarso Genro, has come in defense of the bill saying that the new legislation "will separate chaff from wheat. This is a way to back the true NGOs and at the same time protect the country's sovereignty. We need to have special rules to control the entry of NGOs in the Amazon, especially the foreign ones but not only the foreign ones."

    According to the prestigious daily "O Estado de S. Paulo," the Lula administration in tightening its siege around the NGOs wishes to fight biopiracy, as well as international influence over the Brazilian Indians and the sale of land inside the Amazon jungle.

    And Genro went on: "We actually wish to strengthen and to support NGOs being very rigorous with them and, therefore, fortifying those that are authentic. But at the same time denying them the right to use property of the State, territory of the Union, and environmental spaces for purposes that do not belong to our national project or the wishes of the Brazilian people."

    The minister told reporters that the Brazilian government has been receiving praise for fighting biopiracy. "We will carry on and intensify this work. This makes sense not only to the nation but also is related to another question: when the rule of law is not applied against this kind of irregularity, it gradually starts to lose its legitimacy."


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    • Forrest Allen Brown

      Only the educated are free.
      been paied for a while now and under the sword he was as i wont be pulled into brasilian tax court as i would in worst case i could loose my land to some crooked politican and his
      bunch of thifes.

      the spanish , and portugues killed off more indians than any other race of people just by comming over to the new world .
      the first case of germ warfare , then the inslavement of thousands more ,
      the king of beglum did the next case of killing off the congalise .

      yer you see very few indains in the US chilling out at the I hop
      but most tribes are self governed , with there own police , laws , land
      own there oil and gas rights , have casinos on there land eco trips you name it

      while the brasilian indains have no choice but to go to the press to seek help
      as the goverment only covers it up in hopes it will go away

    • ..

      Unrelated to the topic under discussion. Just to remind you that tomorrow (April 30th) is the last day to file your Income Tax Returns in Brasil. I hope you have already done it through the internet (or your accountant has done it; If you have outsourced the task to him, you better go after that fella and ensure that he files it before Mid Night).

    • anderson

      do you think american indians never suffered?

      you try to say what you think and you want others to believe the way you do
      the reason many indians died, was because the ones here were rebelious and wanted to fight.
      american indians suffered much more than brazilian indians and hey.
      if these indians act like brazilian and respect our coutnry, we will respect them.
      just like the us owns its country, we own this country, and not the indians, we conquered this land.
      dont come with bull saying that we took their land, it is our land.
      they must respect us, we are brazilians just like they are.

      just like everyother country have their own land, we have ours.
      China has tibet, go f k with them.

      look how many countries the us controls, while they arent even indians.
      the us has taken land from spain, france, britain etc… they even fought to take mexican land.
      now you come saying that we take land from indians??????

      we dont want them dead, we want them to live in the land and not kill anyone, thats the point, sorry for the enslavement, not everyone accepts indians enslaved.

      cruel people have died and you still judge me like i would be cruel to indians too.

    • João da Silva

      [quote]hay joao you want us too leave[/quote]

      Nope.You just stay put where you are. We don’t want to spend the tax payersÀ‚´s money on quelling the riots staged by your Brasilian esposa,sogros,cunhados,cunhadas, etc; in PB and other states. Also you better remember the old proverb “quÀƒ©m nÀƒ£o tem cunhado Àƒ© um coitado”

    • Forrest Allen Brown

      hay joao you want us too leave
      Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances,
      than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance,
      giftedness, or skill.

      all of witch you dont have

    • Gringo B.I.T.C.H.E.S get out of my country…now!
      Go back to wherever you come from….F.U.C.K.E.R.S.


    • ch.c.

      Sure !
      So that NGOs wont be able to denounce and reveal….THE BRAZILIANS SLAVES !

      The least persons see/know, the better you can try to ….HIDE, CHEAT AND LIE….the Brazilian way…for which you….EXCEL !

    • Forrest Allen Brown

      the indios should have Sovereignty over the amazon not the brazilian government
      they are the real keepers of the river basin . they have come and gone for thousands of years and did little of nothing to
      hurt the river or forest .
      and only 375 years the brasilians have killed off a full 1/3 of the forest put there money into there pockets
      and left with out even a thanks , just get out of the way or you will get hurt and killed .

      at least with the bible thumpers in there it gets out to the free world press not hushed up to cover up some brasilians new way to make money at some one
      eles expence .

      the brasilian minister of lack of justice should only enter the deal when the indios call him .

      now does this mean the gold fields will be closed .
      the land grabers will be ejected of there property .
      people will go to jail that have killed indios

      as i said before let the indios form a tribal consul to vote and to maintain to forest


    • augusto

      i think
      the very great truth is the ngos is tryingto make the indigenous people independent, make them to becomes a nation and ofers benefits to them . and forget or hide.the brazilian state will never permit separation of every small part of the land.the final will be extinction of indigenous people the trying to fight agins the state is the death end.we have to protect our indigenous people off course but,is our indigenous people .the peoplefrom others countries have to protect their indigenous people .the experience of nations tath have the ngos in the amazon is only one all of them kill so many of their own indias than i becomes tho think wath they want to do with ours…

    • ..

      [quote]Brazilian officials and the Armed Forces have often voiced concern that the foreigners are a front for efforts to take control of the Amazon land.[/quote]

      Pure bullshit. There are 100,000 NGOÀ‚´s there for around 750,000 Indios living in that area. Many of these NGO s are financed by the government. From what I read, the “foreigners” are the thugs of Hugh Chavez (and FARC) and the armed forces are rightly concerned about the situation.Unless one READS the national newspapers or traveled to that part of the country, it is easy to come to the wrong conclusions and take up a wrong cause.

      btw, I am in favor of Brazilian “indios” and would rather see Hugo and Evo take care of “theirs”, instead of inciting “ours” against us.

      As for the statement of Tarso Genro:

      [quote]The Brazilian minister of Justice, Tarso Genro, has come in defense of the bill saying that the new legislation “will separate chaff from wheat.[/quote]

      Many well educated Brazilians already know how to “separate chaff from wheat” and Gen.Augusto Heleno is one of them 😉

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