Racial Discrimination and Ethanol in US State Secretary’s Brazil Agenda

    US State secretary Rice and Brazil Foreign Minister Celso Amorim

    US State secretary Rice and Brazil Foreign Minister Celso Amorim Condoleezza Rice, the United States Secretary of State, is traveling to Brazil and Chile this week to highlight the US' strong relationship with the two strategic Latin American countries. Rice is expected to focus on growing economic ties with both countries, regional security as well as nonproliferation and arms control.

    In Brazil, Rice is expected to try to advance cooperation on biofuels in an effort to boost an agreement signed last year to promote diversifying energy supplies, energy markets and sustainable development.

    Brazilians have been touting their agricultural potential and energy experience, especially in ethanol, which Brazil makes from sugar cane. Rice is also expected to visit Salvador, the capital of Bahia state, a city on the northeastern coast of Brazil.

    More than 80% of the population in the area is of African origin and Rice, who is African American, is expected to discuss what State Department officials say is a joint effort against racial discrimination.

    "Brazil has dealt with issues of minorities and minority rights and you overlay onto that how to deal with racial and ethnic differences over the years and how to deal with those in the context of a democracy," said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack. 

    "Essentially how does a multi-ethnic democracy work, progress and thrive?  We have had our own struggles in that regard, so there are some common bonds there."

    Rice then goes to Chile where she will meet in Santiago with President Michelle Bachelet and Foreign Minister Alejandro Foxley. There, Rice plans to revive a long-standing, but largely dormant strategic partnership between Chile and the state of California.

    State Department officials say both have complimentary economies and spokesman Sean McCormack says a centerpiece of the visit is a proposed educational exchange program.

    "The secretary is very interested in international educational exchange programs and in the issue of education as an important national security priority.  This particular program really highlights those two aspects of her personal as well as policy interests," he added.

    U.S. officials say relations between the U.S. and Chile have never been stronger and the secretary is also expected to discuss issues such as diplomacy, security, culture and science.



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    • dnbaiacu

      Oh NO!
      Are we going to start this on this thread also? 🙂

      At least Condy is being pimped for a real cause now.

    • nesnej

      what is a native?
      What the hell is a native? The first person to arrive somewhere, perhaps? Since most primitive groups were hunters and gathers and most moved around a lot it is pretty much impossible to track who was the first group to pass through any area. No one is native, except if you are talking about the earth. Zorroisgod are you a Mexican? To quote Jorge Luis Borges, “the only thing Mexicans are good at is playing Indians.”

    • ZorroIsGod

      lol… 80% of the population in the area is of African origin
      I don’t think so… more like .05% and the rest mixed with natives…. the anew native people thats who they are now…
      it’s funny how white men like to tell tails….
      Rember the sleve ships you ran moved native people from the north to the south…lol

    • João da Silva

      [quote]are you upset that Condy is going to Salvador[/quote]

      I am quite upset and heartbroken,Bo. I bet she is going to drop by in Aracaju to say hello to ya, while I have to be content with blogging with Ch.C 🙁

    • bo

      are you upset that Condy is going to Salvador instead of your beloved Sao Paulo?

      Just going to reinforce the beliefs about your Brazil for those nasty, racist, Americans! 😮

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