Brazilian Foreign Minister Celso Amorim A same-sex couple, legally married in the state of Massachusetts, United States, three years ago, is urging Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Foreign Minister Celso Luiz Nunes Amorim to raise the issue of the couple's forced separation during a meeting next week with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

    Timothy J. Coco and Genésio J. Oliveira Jr. were forcibly separated last August when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ordered Oliveira to leave the country after a five-year battle to obtain legal status. 

    The couple this week filed an "I-130 Petition for Alien Relative" – the same mechanism married heterosexual couples use to gain recognition for immigrant spouses.  DHS is expected to deny the petition on Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) grounds.  DOMA is a 1996 law that prohibits federal recognition of same-sex marriage.

    "I am asking my government, which apparently recognizes my relationship since it permits my spouse to emigrate to Brazil, to support one of its citizens and take the U.S. to task for its inhumanity and mean-spiritedness in this matter. 

    "My spouse is unable to move to Brazil since he is the primary caregiver for his 82-year-old mother who suffers from a number of health and vision ailments," wrote Oliveira in letters being distributed to Lula, Amorim, Rice, President George W. Bush, Brazilian Ambassador to the U.S. Antonio Patriota and U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Clifford Sobel.

    Rice is traveling to Brazil and Chile from March 13 to 15.  She is scheduled to meet with Lula and Amorim in the Brazilian capital of Brasí­lia.

    "I am cognizant of the many issues that need to be addressed with the United States of America during the secretary's brief visit, but I pray you will raise my issue and urge the U.S. to grant me a visa to join my spouse and help with the care of my mother-in-law.," concluded Oliveira.


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    • Augusto F. Neto

      Eagle seems to be really pissed of with the flocks of Brazilians in America.
      I totally disagree with how Eagle chose to demonstrate his anger, though I totally support his right to do so.
      Profiling and stereotypes are not a good conction when dealing with the human flow to the richer nations.
      At any given time the kind of comments made by eagle is only going to creat a bigger problem. Creating a hostile environment for proper talks on the subject that is.

    • forrest allen brown

      diplomat look to your own nations defects first
      the US spends more on illegal than there own country spends on its own people

      US exports to other countries are more heavley taxed than any other countries .

      the US buys oil , wood , minirals from all countries at a fair price

      discrimination in the US is lower than most any other country in this himeaspher

      when you have too many people coming and staying placing a drain on your countries
      food , job , medical ,laws , health , soverinty , and demanding rights that only born americans have or thoes
      that have come here the right way .

      what would happen in your country if millions of french , germans , amercans started riots wanting
      free entry into your country , refuse to learn the language , but demanding free will to do as they pleas
      fly the flags of there home lands over your flag .

      so let them stand up but to listen ,
      if you want tit for tat
      than lest use a mirrior what ever you send we can send you
      what ever you do to us we can do to you .
      who will win that

    • Diplomat

      Does Brazil have the guts…
      to stand up to the U.S.? The U.S. has treated other countries in this hemisphere horribly over the years…and now they want Brazil’s natural resources. Brazil ought not to cave in to the U.S., but begin with a condemnation of U.S. immigration policy and discrimination before discussing anything else. This is what President Lula says he stands for. Action speaks louder than words Mr. President!

    • Brazilian hater

      Brasil people smell bad and don’t brush their teeth/ They want white man’s money. go back to your turd world country

    • forrest allen brown

      if they do any thing for you it will be a crime
      only to say ther is a fedral law that prohibits any members of congress or the president to interfire
      with the imiguration of a person or persons .

      and look at it this way i am married to a brasilian woman for over 5 years now our first month of
      marrige i was deoprted back to the US even though our marrige was leagle ,
      they just wanted to make me shut up about my boat the roamdeep being robed by the sheriffs
      family members .

      to this date my wife does do have leagle status in the US so we are just seeing the world till it comes in
      may be never will it be but if one of them helps you you let me know as i will be at the door in 2 days with a lawyer

      Kleran watch your back as thoes that cant make it in the US are coming your way
      you will see your tax money being spent on them not your RCMP , roads , schools ,

    • Kieran

      Amerika the Homophobic
      America has the most homophobic immigration policy. I’d move to Brazil to get away from there. Thank God I live in Canada.

    • eagle

      aiding,assisting,harboring,concealing of illegals in the u.s.,is a felony
      can you imagine all the illegal brazilians in the u.s.a. bending over or dropping to their knees for a green card… this is a sham, a fraud,, and will be denied by american authorities…. brazilian illegals really need to return to brazil and take their lieing,cheating,frauding ways back to brazil…..



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