Brazil Goes Prospecting for Oil Inside the Amazon

    Petrobras oil development in Coari, in the Brazilian Amazon

    Petrobras oil development in Coari, in the Brazilian Amazon Environmentalists all over the globe are concerned that the Brazilian Amazon, one of the last untouched areas of the world's largest wilderness will be spoiled by oil prospection. Brazil has announced plans to search for oil and natural gas in the country's remote western Amazon.

    Brazil's National Petroleum Agency, ANP, plans to invest an estimated US$ 30 million to look for oil and gas in Acre, an Amazon state bordering Bolivia, the government news agency Agência Brasil announced Saturday, October 20.

    ANP director, Getúlio Silveira Leite, told a congressional committee that the work in Acre is part a broader push to find oil in the Amazon, according to the official news agency.

    "We must increase research in the region to discover the petroleum potential of the nine Amazon states," Silveira Leite said.

    But environmental officials said no study had been done to assess how the search will affect the Amazon. The region covers some 4 million square kilometers (1,544 sq miles) but its natural resources are under constant pressure from loggers, miners and farmers.

    "It's necessary to examine how this will be done, on what scale and in what areas," said João Paulo Capobianco, the Environment Ministry's executive secretary. "In theory, there are methodologies and technologies that allow this activity without environmental damage."

    The Acre state Federation of Industries has endorsed the project, but some in the region question whether the government will take care to preserve the environment.

    "Development brings damage," Acre congressman Marcelo Serafim said. "It destroyed the Atlantic forest, it ruined much of the Pantanal (wetlands), and that's not what we want or defend."

    But Serafim added: "If the Brazilian government and the world want the Amazon preserved, the world has to give us conditions to preserve the Amazon. And it hasn't."

    Brazilian government managed oil company Petrobras currently produces oil and gas in the Amazon city of Coari. The federal government is also building a pipeline through the rainforest to carry the gas to the Amazonas capital of Manaus, a city of 1.5 million.



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    • Sergey Pugach, MS

      Water/Oil prospecting using dowsing/Radiesthesy talent
      I can find Oil/Water at distance. Map of area is enough.

    • forrest Brown

      by all that is safe look for oil

      in the US you can drill down a few thousand feet then turn 90 degrees and go 3 too 5 miles

      that will help out some.

      rember a perfict plan
      preformed piss poorley
      poor proformance

    • João da Silva

      Lately you are becoming modest moron 😉

    • João da Silva

      [quote]Stupid question that I raise :[/quote]

      Lately you are becoming modest 😉

    • ch.c.

      To Forrest… !!!!
      But if oil is found where there was no deforetation ?????

      The Brazilian problem is that they pretend to have 100 millions hectares of degraded land available for agriculture.
      They pretend that they could triple their agriculture production, without puting down 1 additional tree !!!!!

      Stupid question that I raise :
      If they could really triple their agriculture in these 100 millions hectares, WHY ARE THEY STUPID ENOUGH TO SPEND ONE BRAZILIAN REAL IN MORE DEFEROSTATION ????????
      I am not talking about deforestation to find oil, but about deforestation to increase their agriculture production !!!!

      And Bin Lula and his gang of 4000 thieves have proudly publicized they reduced their deforestation in the last 2 years by 50 % or so, to preserve the Amazon, what they did not say, on purpose, that it was simply not economically profitable to do so, in view of the very low grains prices.
      BUT NOW that grains prices are booming again, deforestation will become all the rage once more. I have written on that subject in this forum a few weeks ago.
      Guess what ?
      Deforestation is ACTUALLY on the rise again, and this is just the start.
      Just read the article published in the Guardian on October 16 :,,2191877,00.html

      Thus my repeated comments saying Brazilians are cheaters, liars and crooks, happen to be more accurate than ever !!!!!

      And I can bet that the illegal deforestation, will once more receives TOTAL IMPUNITY for all and no longer TOTAL IMPUNITY…for a few !!!!
      You can be sure that the World Famous……Brazilian INjustice dept and Supreme Court of crooks…..will act accordingly !

    • aes

      Fear fear
      Yes, by all means. If there is natural gas and oil let it be found. It is the fear of imagined harm that is the impediment. It is the fear of doing this constructed harm that does the greatest harm. It is the harm that can be conjured that is to be feared.

    • forrest Brown

      greed will kill the forest
      if the brasilians try they could stop this .

      only go to land that has been cleared and slant drill to get what you want .

      replant what you kill , limit the road use too oil and gas no loggging trucks or squatters too clear cut more jungle
      or people who take wild life to sell to the south

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