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World Eats Chicken Again and Brazil Earns 52% More Exporting Poultry

Chicken ranch in Brazil The largest foreign market for Brazilian chicken continues to be the Middle East. The Brazilian Poultry Exporters Association (Abef) informed this Tuesday, October 9, that  718,000 tons of the product were shipped to that region from January to September this year.

This represents an increase of 40% in comparison with the same period last year. Exports totaled US$ 924 million, 70% more than in the first nine months of 2006.

Second in the ranking, according to the Abef, is the European Union, which imported 402,000 tons, a 40% increase over the period ranging from January to September last year. Shipments to the region yielded US$ 900 million, a 75% increase using the same basis for comparison.

Exports to Asia totaled 590,000 tons, 6% more, and revenues obtained reached US$ 845 million, an increase of 26%, still according to the Abef.

The African continent imported 175,000 tons of chicken, a 7% reduction in comparison with the first nine months of 2006. Revenues from shipments to Africa, though, rose by 20% to reach US$ 153 million.

Russia purchased 142,000 tons from January to September, 5% less than in the same period of last year. Nevertheless, revenues grew by 32% to reach US$ 207 million. To other Latin American countries, Brazil exported 129,000 tons, a 17% increase in comparison with the first nine months of 2006. Shipments totaled US$ 156 million, a 26% rise using the same basis of comparison.

In total, Brazil exported 2.4 million tons of chicken from January to September, 22% more than in the same period of last year. Revenues totaled US$ 3.4 billion, an increase of 52%.

According to the Abef, the performance is a result of a worldwide increase in poultry meat consumption. The average price of one kilogram of chicken went up from US$ 1.26 in January this year to US$ 1.55 in September, an increase of 22%.

In September alone, shipments totaled 242,000 tons, a 15% increase over the same month of 2006. Monthly revenues stood at US$ 386 million, a 52% increase using the same basis of comparison.

The Abef also informed that from the 13th to the 17th of the current month, it will participate in the Anuga, one of the world's largest food and beverage fairs, to be held in Cologne, Germany.

The organization is supported by the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex). A total of 18 companies affiliated to the Abef will be present at the fair.



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  • João da Silva

    [quote]Dont worry we do the same for drugs produced in Switzerland. More expensive locally than when sold abroad !

    I am not worried and nor should you be. Anyway, thanks for the consoling news from Switzerland 😉

  • your daddy

    Ric Ricardo
    I bet if it was a ” cock” instead of chicken we would have to tie you up for you to stop eating huh ashole! 😉

  • Ric

    World Eats Chicken Again
    World must be in bad shape. Back at home we just eat it once.

  • Ric

    Santa Barbara, Here I Come
    Thanks for the warning. Manage that anger. Later this month I will be in California and check out the scene, forwarned becuase of your kind concerned.

    Are you by any chance, ShellyÀ‚´s brother-in-law?

    Does the bad news about the USA mean that Juan from Matamoros wonÀ‚´t be sneaking across at Calexico any more?

  • ch.c.

    “And if there is anything left for us to consume, it is generally of low quality…….
    ….and more expensive than the chickens exported !
    You, the citizens, subsidize the exports.
    Really nice from you.

    Dont worry we do the same for drugs produced in Switzerland. More expensive locally than when sold abroad !

  • your daddy

    Hey Ric- Ricardo
    Ric-Retarded how the hell are you?
    Hey lesson asshole, why don’t you read the news from your own country (USA) to see what is going on with the food supply. Ground meat USDA certified had one of the biggest recalls. Cat and dog food killing animals. Vegetables had 3 recalls this year along. Kid’s toys with high levels of lead paint. (Initially blamed on china but latter rectified to had been American specifications that were fucked up and not the Chinese) Aviation is a mess with 90 % of the flights delayed across the nation. Cost of living rising four folds while the administration keep lying to the people. Millions of foreclosures across the land. Detroit laying off thousands of people. And as if this is not enough you have one of the most distrusted countries in the world today. Go back home Ric and shut the fuck up!

  • Shelly

    I was soo happy to read the news about the Brasilan chicken being at service to the entire world

    I am so glad to know “que as galinhas do Brasil” are going to be bring prosperity to the country! 😉

  • Shelly

    I won’t lower myself to your level…talk to the hand 😥

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Also, when I visit I want to eat a good piece of picanha[/quote]

    Thanks God, still ya all can afford to eat good picanha, chicken ,etc; Starting from the beginning of this year, I turned into a Vegan. Just rice and black beans for me.This combination works out to be cheaper and within my financial means. I am sure that the A-rabs are enjoying Brazilian Picanha,chicken, etc;

    By being a Vegan, I not only save money but also avoid eating animal fat which is not too healthy for older folks. I also like to eat “GrÀƒ£o de Bico” once in a while.

    The important thing is that the entire world eats chicken again, thanks to the tireless efforts of our government.Of course the side benefit is the increase of our foreign exchange reserve, which will help to bring prosperity to our country. I was soo happy to read the news about the Brasilan chicken being at service to the entire world.

  • Ric

    Tarry Not Long
    At the churrascaria that serves picanha, Shelly, lest you become fatter.

  • Ric

    What About
    Your brother-in-law, Shelly? Does he know that many Brazilians eat the chickenÀ‚´s feet, and that instead dividing the chicken as Americans do, Brazilians just cut it up into nondescript chunks? Hmmm?

  • Shelly

    I care about them. Also, when I visit I want to eat a good piece of picanha 😛

  • João da Silva

    You dont have to worry about it, because you are not living in Brasil.Probably your mom and dad are pissed off, but who cares about them.

  • Shelly

    And if there is anything left for us to consume, it is generally of low quality.

  • João da Silva

    World Eats Chicken Again and Brazil Earns 52% More Exporting Poultry
    And the Brasilians eat less chicken, beef and drink less milk! We like to keep the entire world happy and well fed.

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