Brazil’s Lula Will Be Hammering on Climate Change and Biofuel in NY

    Brazil's sugar cane

    Brazil's sugar cane Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will promote the country's biofuel initiatives during the United Nation's annual general assembly meeting Tuesday, September 25, as part of a broader effort to fight climate change.

    Lula will deliver his speech during the opening of the assembly, one day after attending a high-level private dinner called by the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon to foster discussions on climate change, said the head of the Brazilian permanent mission to the United Nations, ambassador Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti.

    "It is expected that Lula will talk a lot about climate change, and biofuels in that context, besides the reform of the UN security council, development and social inclusion," Viotti told journalists.

    Twelve world leaders are invited for the Monday's dinner at the UN's headquarters, including the presidents of the United States, Indonesia, South Africa, France, Mexico, Benin, and the European Commission, as well as the prime ministers of Germany, Portugal, Canada, and Antigua and Barbuda.

    "Ban Ki-moon wants to give a political boost to the Bali meeting," Viotti said, referring to the UN convention on climate change scheduled for December in the Indonesian island.

    Brazil's is a pioneer in developing biodiesel, and currently the world's largest exporter of ethanol. European countries have recently raised environmental concerns about the production of ethanol, in a move seen by the Brazilian government as an attempt to undermine the country's biofuels production.



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    • ch.c.

      “development and social inclusion ”
      Lula should start by applying his theories…..FIRST….IN BRAZIL !!!!!
      Logical….isnt it ??????

    • João Pinga

      BrazilÀ¢€™s the worldÀ¢€™s fourth or fifth worst carbon polluter because of deforestation. Sugar cane will replace soy in the Amazon as the new À¢€œcrop of choiceÀ¢€Â, and the Amazon is already feeling this pressure (see GloboÀ¢€™s article today À¢€“Sunday — on fires in the Amazon) and Lula says THIS is the solution for climate change?

      If Bush wasnÀ¢€™t so stupid, I would give the À¢€œidiot of the new millenniumÀ¢€Â award to Lula.

      Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop BOOM À¢€“ O hino Nacional do Brasil.

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