Argentina’s Leader Is Americas’ Most Popular. Brazil’s Lula Comes in 10th

    Argentina president Nestor Kirchner is most popular in Americas

    Argentina president Nestor Kirchner is most popular in Americas Argentina's president Nestor Kirchner together with the presidents of Colombia Alvaro Uribe and Mexico's Felipe Calderon rank as the top of the list of Latinamerican leaders in performance support according to Consulta Mitofsky a respected Mexican public opinion consultant.

    Kirchner figures with 71% support and Uribe and Calderon with 66%. The list follows with Panama's Martin Torrijos 60%; El Salvador, Antonio Saca; Honduras Manuel Zelaya and Bolivia's Evo Morales with 57% approval.

    Ecuador's Rafael Correa is sixth and sliding with 56%. Uruguay's Tabare Vazquez figures with 51% support, one percentage point ahead of Venezuela's controversial Hugo Chavez 50%

    Brazil's Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is ranked tenth with 48%, ahead of Canada's Stephen Harper, 44%; Guatemala's 42%; Chile's Michelle Bachelet, 39% and Dominican Republic Leonel Fernandez, 38%.

    Bottom of the list are Peru's Alan Garcí­a, 32%; Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, 26%; George W Bush, 22% and Paraguay's Nicanor Duarte, 11%.

    The overall ranking shows Central America as the region where presidents average the highest approval, followed by South America, 48% and North America, 44%. However the continental average stands at 47%.

    The Mitofsky ranking also publishes the ranking of six European leaders: Germany's Angela Merkel figures with 76% approval; Russia's Vladimir Putin, 75%; France's Nicolas Sarkozy, 64%. The lower half includes Britain's Prime Minister George Brown, 56%; Italy's Romano Prodi, 44% and Spain's Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, 40%.

    The information is based on interviews and public opinion polls done last July, August in all the countries involved.



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    • Ric

      Does President Kirchner remind anyone else of actor Marty Feldman, or is it just me?

    • ch.c.

      Kirchner is America’s Most Popular …!!!!
      NORMAL !
      When meat prices is too high, he bans meat exports !
      When grains prices is too high, he bans some exports !
      When food prices are too high, he obliges local and foreign companies to NOT increase prices.
      When oil price is too high, he freezes the price. Despite oil price tripled, in Argentina the price is foruen since 2003 !

      May be the apparent leftist Bin Lula and his gang of 4000 gang members robbers should take a lesson from Kirchner, if they really care for the poors Brazilians as they repeat almost on a daily basis !

      Quite curious that Brazil being energy self sufficient, has the highest pump prices in Latin America !!!
      Hey hey !
      Certainly not in infrastructure projects….in view of your decrepitated infrastrudcture, but in the pockets of the 4000 gang members…by definition !!!!

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