Exports from Rio, Brazil Exports from the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the month of July totaled US$ 1.2 billion, driving the accumulated result for the year up to US$ 7.1 billion, and the accumulated result for the last twelve months up to US$ 12.61 billion. Foreign sales during the month recorded a slight decrease of 1.5% compared with July 2006.

    Nevertheless, the total export growth rate for the first seven months of the year, and for the last twelve months, are still noteworthy, at 19.3% and 26.3% respectively. The data were taken from Boletim Rio Exporta (Rio Exports Bulletin), of the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan), which was disclosed recently.

    The result for July does not imply that there has been a change in the trend of expansion in foreign sales, as it reflects the lower industrial oil production, in the second quarter of the year, due to operational setbacks in platforms at the Campos Basin.

    Since June, production went back to normal, at a 7.84% increase over the same month of last year. Furthermore, in the second half of this year, the platforms P-52 and P-54, Piranema and Cidade Vitória, will become operational, and should reach maximum activity in 2008.

    Oil accounts for 58.2% of the state's export basket, and exports of the commodity have yielded US$ 7.3 billion in the last 12 months, an increase of 45.2% in comparison with the previous period. In the month of July, though, foreign sales of the commodity decreased by 9.6% over the same month of 2006. Exports that grew the most in July were those of machinery and equipment, and of steel laminates.

    Imports, on the other hand, driven up by the appreciation of the real (Brazilian currency) and the heating of domestic demand, increased by 34.7% over July 2006, to reach a record high in the historical series, in July, at US$ 959 million.

    With the exception of the steel and iron industry, which sold 62.4% less in the same basis of comparison, all of the remaining industries have recorded increases in exports, the highlights being the extraction and chemical industries. Its imports grew by 73.1% and 70.6% respectively.

    In the first seven months of this year, the state of Rio imported the equivalent of US$ 5.11 billion. In the last 12 months, foreign purchases totaled US$ 8.35 billion. These figures translate into increases of respectively 26.8% and 20.4%.

    The slight decrease in exports recorded in July, coupled with record high imports, did not harm the positive balance of trade result for the state of Rio de Janeiro.

    Last month, the surplus was US$ 239.4 million, driving up to US$ 1.98 billion the accumulated result from January until July, and up to US$ 4.26 billion the accumulated result for the last twelve months.

    In terms of the country's total foreign trade for July, Rio de Janeiro contributed with 8.5% of exports and 8.9% of imports.



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    • Swiss Pride

      Meanwhile the
      Swiss government announced today that 95 % of their everyday products are foreign made. This came to big surprise to the general population, said the king Bull (In The Name Of Neutrality!!!) À¢€œWe tough that by not having an official singular language, we could take credit for all the German, French and Italian technologies, that dominates our countryÀ¢€Â. The Swiss women organization has indicated discontent with the Swiss national disinformation center; however, the organization was once again reminded of possible irreversible re-precautions of their “right to vote” sending them back to the 12 Th century.

      The Swiss aviation industry released today a new improved À¢€œCrop SprayÀ¢€Â plane. The new plane has a 30% larger fertilizer tank, said the CEO for Garageavionicson Company. This is a new corner stone achievement for our country; our fertilizer Industry will now be able to contaminate thousands of acres in one single flight. The Swiss defense minister said À¢€œIn The Name Of NeutralityÀ¢€Â we can now contaminate the world.

    • ch.c.

      Brazil keeps me…laughing !!!!!!!
      – You have already dollarized all your stats and accounting, but not yet your currency. Almost all your stats/accounting are no longer expressed in your local currency…AND THEN ONLY EXPRESSED IN US$…..for International comparisons…..and NOT FOR LOCAL comparisons as you do now. By expressing your stats into a weak currency, results are ALWAYS rosier.
      – No doubt that when the US$ dollar will strengthen again, Brazil will revert to the stats in your currency, to make stats still rosier by readjusting your historical performance in local currency….instead of US$ !

      In my view, Brazil should show all their stats into the Venezuelian currency, the only currency that lost value against the US$ in the last few years..
      Your stats will “look” not rosier but…..EXTRAORDINARY GOOD !

      Brazil truly shine in the desinformation expertise.

      Just ask Brazilian business people and they will tell you that things are not as rosier as your stats expressed automatiocally in US$.

      But probably, most brazilians, cant even understand what I mean because you have already been brainwashed…as your government wanted you to understand and trust their “truths” but in reality not so true…as usual.

      😀 😉

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