Brazil Firm Buys Chilean Abattoir Certified to Export to US, EU and China

    Brazilian meat group Marfrig

    Brazilian meat group Marfrig Marfrig, a leading Brazilian meat industry group, acquired an abattoir in Tierra del Fuego belonging to a group of cattle farmers from Magallanes Region, reports La Prensa Austral from Punta Arenas. The operation involved US$ 8.5 million. "It's a common commercial operation; markets are solid and with so many plants competition is healthy and balanced," said Mario Vega president of the Magallanes Cattle farmers Association, Asogama.

    The Patagonia abattoir is located in Porvenir and had been purchased several years ago for US$ 2.5 million by a group of local farmers to the Chilean System of government companies, SEP.

    The Marfrig group has a network of nine abattoirs in Brazil and has recently expanded to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. The Patagonia abattoir has a slaughter capacity of 300.000 heads per year.

    Vega said that farmers should not be concerned because a "new partner with other expectations and views, can only be positive for the region."

    Vega recalled that the situation is completely different to a few years ago when there was an only abattoir, Simunovic. "Now we have Patagonia and very soon Agromar, another abattoir belonging to a local family is expected to open".

    The Magallanes Region's abattoirs of Simunovic and Patagonia both are certified to export lamb and mutton to the European Union, China and United States.

    Patagonia, originally Sacor was tendered by the Chilean government in 2003/04 with a short list of four groups interested in the purchase. Finally it was the group of local farmers, under the name of Lanas y Carnes de Patagonia S.A., which took control of the plant in four consecutive payments.

    La Prensa Austral points out that there's some controversy as to whether the Navarino Bill which promotes businesses and investments in the extreme regions of Chile, through different financial support mechanisms, is applicable to the Patagonia plant under new owners.



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    • Londoner

      Your still here Swiss Wonder?? haha
      parece que voce gosta muito do brasil cara rsrs

      that’s right, in all the time it’s taken me to learn to speak portugues, you’ve still been here! haha crazy europeans! 🙂

    • baba

      One more thing, Swiss wonder!!!
      Why is it doubtful for you the price tag of 8.5 million US$? Enrich us with your expertise and inside information!!! I’m waiting. Please give reference to support your theory including all the law firmÀ¢€™s names involved in this transition. While at it please indicate your personal experience and qualifications in the field.

    • baba

      Wrong again Swisshit Swiss wonder!!!
      NO… It doesnÀ¢€™t mean that the facility is fully equipped for a 300.000 Heads/Year either … It says the facility has the capability or capacity!!!
      I don’t have to review any copy from you or anybody else, because unlike you, I comprehend what I read.

    • ch.c.

      It means it has all the machinery capacity for 300’000 heads annually even if the abattoir is not operating at 100 % capacity !

      STILL DOUBTFUL IT COSTS ONLY 8,5 million US$ !

      Please review your copy !

    • baba

      Dear stupid Swiss wonder,
      Stupid Swiss wonder …learn how to read and comprehend first… when they say that it has a “CAPACITY”, that means just that. They see a possible capacity of 300.000 heads/year. The article dosen’t says that they are slaughtering 300.000 heads at that facility. Had the À¢€œCAPACITYÀ¢€Â already been reached its limits, maybe Marfrig wouldnÀ¢€™t be interested in purchasing it !!! Right, Swiss Einstein?

    • ch.c.

      …that an abattoir worth US$ 8,5 millions has a production capacity of 300’000 cattle heads per year !

      Because if so why are Brazilians firms investing HUNDREDS of millions US$ YEARLY …in Brazil…to produce less than 10 times more than the US$ 8,5 million Patagonia abattoir capacity ?????

      Stinky……stinky……the Brazilians maths !!!!!!!

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