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Brazil Comes to the Rescue of Argentina with Electricity

Araucária thermoelectric plant in Paraná, Brazil Argentina has requested energy assistance from Brazil to overcome the very extreme winter the country is suffering, according to sources in BrasÀ­lia, reports the Brazilian press. The request, these sources say, was done by Argentine President Nestor Kirchner in a private meeting with his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

According to Brazil's Minister of Mines and Energy, both leaders had their private encounter during the recent Mercosur summit held in Asuncion, Paraguay,

So far Brazil has made no decision on the issue but "it's under consideration," according to the press office from the Ministry.

Since last month Brazil is supplying Argentina with 700 MW of electricity per day, mainly from a thermal unit established in the state of Paraná.

The business newspaper Valor anticipated that Brazil is considering increasing energy support to 1.100 MW per day.

Valor also points out that the energy aid, according to Lula's interpretation has a strong "political component" and requested his foreign policy advisor Marco Aurélio Garcia to address the matter.

The Brazilian press points out that Argentina's manufacturing sector face a serious energy rationing and even blackouts precisely at the moment President Kirchner launched the candidacy of her wife, Senator Cristina Fernandez, for the coming October presidential election.



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  • ch.c.

    To the idiot…Paulo Cunha…..We always rescue our neighbors. But they are thankless !!!!
    Reality being that brazil ALWAYS betray their neighbours !
    You change the written rules of the Mercosur….at your will !!!!!
    You unilatelarelly blocked rice and other goods from Uruguay…because they were cheaper than Brazilian prices, and this despite the Mercosur
    agreement….BRAZILIANS SIGNED !!!!
    Brazil found normal to get gas prices from Bolivia at WELL BELOW International market prices, but find NOT normal if it would have been the opposite.
    Ohhhhh…and even today, Brazil still gets gas from Bolivia at well lower prices than Argentina is paying.

    Reality being that THE OTHERS are always rescueing Brazil but YOU are thankless and remain arrogant!!!!
    Brazil always wants special favors from the rules !!!! Same with the USA or EU !

  • ch.c.

    what is noit said in the article is at what prices the electricity is sold to Argentina.

    Dont forget that electricity and oil prices in Argentina are freezed at the 2002 prices for DOMESTIC producers !

    Or will Brazil will get a “favored” price ????? “favored” prices being….MARKET PRICES…that no Argentina local producers receive !!!!!

  • Paulo Cunha

    We always rescue our neighbors. But they are thankless.What to do . A bunch of “ingratos”, just like that EVO,HUGO.NESTNER,etc; A bunch of Fascists.

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