Brazil Gives South Africa, Chile and Mexico Entrepreneurship Lessons

    Sebrae's office in the state of Tocantins, Brazil

    Sebrae's office in the state of Tocantins, Brazil The Empreender program, developed by the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) and the Confederation of Commercial and Business Associations of Brazil (CACB), is going to start providing support to micro and small companies in another six countries starting this month.

    This Monday, May 7, during a meeting at the São Paulo Chamber of Commerce, institutions that support micro and small companies in South Africa, Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico and Mozambique signed the terms of entry into the program.

    Tomorrow, May 8, 12 consultants from six countries will begin a 15-day training course at Empreender International, in the city of Jaraguá do Sul, in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

    The objective is to prepare the organizations for the implementation of the program in their respective countries. The signing of the agreements by the institutions from the six countries will mark the internationalization of Sebrae and its partners' experience and knowledge.

    "Empreender International will contribute to closer ties between micro and small companies in these six countries and their peers in Brazil," stated Ricardo Villela, national coordinator of the Sebrae Retail Project Portfolio.

    These closer ties may also generate business and riches for Brazilian and foreign companies, according to the coordinator.


    The Empreender (empreender means to undertake) objective is to provide incentives to joint work between businessmen in the same productive field. Through Sectorial nuclei, the program promotes closer ties between businesses.

    Companies in a same sector are united in these nuclei making it easier to find solutions to common problems, which is difficult for businessmen to solve alone.

    The internationalization of Empreender is due to proposals that were made during a meeting in South Africa, in 2005, where commercial associations from over 60 countries were present.

    The Brazilian program was presented by CCAB representatives and was considered one of the best initiatives in the world for support to small businesses. At the occasion, various countries asked the CACB and the Sebrae for information and transfer of knowledge about the Brazilian program.



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    • João da Silva

      [quote]Switzerland’s women were granted right to vote in 1971[/quote]

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      Anothr question: Do Swiss women respond well to the affectionate overtures made by Foreign gentlemen?

    • ch.c.

      To Swiss Pride !!!!!!!
      Not sure to have understood what you mean.
      Are you saying that the Swiss women could not vote before 2002 ?????

      If it is what you meant, more idiot and ignorant than you, there is not !

      Please provide your sources…if you can !
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      If you have only basic education and can surf the Net, you may find….. :
      Switzerland’s women were granted right to vote in 1971.

      sorry for you…..true uneducated junkie !

      and if you know just a little about Switzerland and its democracy, you should know that we are one of the only country in the world
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      We have the same right on states (cantons) levels.

    • swiss pride

      OK… Go home and tell your american wife that she wasn’t allowed to vote as a woma, if you lived in Switzerland, until 2002. Se how far she would kick yours and Billy Tell’s ass out of the door!!! Laugh laugh Laugh!!! Be real!!

    • ch.c.

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    • ch.c.

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      3) Never heard of Syngenta and Norvartis ? Syngenta is selling quite a lot of pesticides and fongicides and GMO seeds…to Brazil….if you dont mind.
      4) UBS and Credit Suisse, ranked nbr 1 and 3 for the world largest wealth management ….if you dont mind !
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    • Ric

      William Tell
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    • swiss pride

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    • u.s.guest

      Question?, asked to a american student in Florida
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    • ch.c.

      Great, Impressive !!!
      Thus why is Brazik ranked 122 out of 175 for the Doing Business ranking ????

      How can then Brazil give lessons to countries having a better ranking ?

      Sory fellows, ranking is not ranting !

      Quite pretentious and full of lies….as usual !

      In my view, Brazil should rather better take than give lessons in many subjects.

      Lets face it, your ranking is most of the time from bad to very bad to the worst. Nothing to be proud of, except your pride of being Brazilians.

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