Brazil Varig’s New Air Pass Is Just for Non-Brazilians

    Brazil's Varig plane close to a Gol aircraft

    Brazil's Varig plane close to a Gol aircraft Brazilian Airline Varig, which was just bought by Gol, has launched two new Economy Class Air Passes – one covering the 15 destinations served by the airline within Brazil, and the second for flights within the Mercosur Region, which covers five South American countries.

    The Varig Brazil Air Pass is priced from US$ 479 for a minimum of four domestic flight coupons, graduating to a maximum of nine coupons, for US$ 1079. Taxes and surcharges are additional and vary according to the destinations visited.

    The Mercosur Air Pass, for travel within and between Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile – excluding Easter Island – offers travel to a minimum of two countries, with a maximum of three stopovers per country.

    This Air Pass, in conjunction with interline airline partner Pluna, is priced from US$ 295 – US$ 1195, plus taxes and surcharges, which again vary according to the routes flown.

    Both Air Passes are available only to residents of a country other than Brazil, and exclude Brazilian nationals resident in other countries.

    "Brazil is the largest and most populous country in South America, occupying almost half of the continent," said Lars Olofsson, National Sales Manager for World Aviation Systems, Varig's General Sales Agent in Australia.

    "The country offers a huge range of attractions, from the world-renowned city of Rio de Janeiro to the natural spectacles of the Amazon River and Iguaçu Falls," Mr Olofsson added.

    The Brazilian locations served by Varig are Belo Horizonte, Brasí­lia, Curitiba, Fernando de Noronha, Fortaleza, Florianópolis, Londrina, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Porto Seguro, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, São Paulo and Vitória.



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    • Doggy Daddy

      THE MAN is correct, Varig has had this airpass for years as well as Vasp when they were still flying. Common marketing in many countries, Rail systems in USA, Canada, Eurorail Pass, South African Airways has a air pass as well.
      Check out todays body count in Rio, done by private enterprise in Brazil to mitigate the bad image of the country by attracting international tourists is good for the country.

    • Ric

      The used to be a VUSA ticket available which gave unlimited air miles on certain carriers, within the USA, for 30 days. It was only available for non-residents of the USA. While Americans, we got the tickets since we were residents of Brazil.

      With this promotion, if a Brazilian living abroad has both a Brazilian passport and another passport, I donÀ‚´t see how Varig will be able to avoid selling him a ticket.

    • TheMan


      Airlines in many countries have special passes for foreigners that aren’t available to domestic purchasers. This isn’t an anti-Brazilian plot. It is a common practice around the world.

    • ch.c.

      Great isnt it ?????????
      At least for…foreigners !!!!!!
      Simple New demonstation of how you are taken for a ride….as usual……by the people……YOU ELECTED !!!!!!!
      Prices for Brazilians MUST BE HIGHER !
      Prices for Foreigners MUST BE LOWER….otherwise they will travel elsewhere !

      And neither Lula and his gang or the population will do something against such injustice !

      For a leftist, Kirchner is 100 times better.
      When meat prices went up, he stopped the export.
      Same for grains, recently.
      Same for gas, gasoline prices. Their prices are freezed at the 2002 levels, before oil tripled !!!!!.
      And the Air pass in Argentina is more expensive for foreigners than for Argentineans.

      With Kirchner you can see a leftist caring for his voters, mostly for the most needy. In Brazil you can see a leftist President caring more for the minority wealthy and totally disregarding his voters, mostly the poors ! Lula prefers exporting more foods rather than feeding the tens of millions under nourrished Brazilians.

      End results : Argentina is growing economically at 3 times the rate of Brazil !!!!!

      Anyone can figure out who is right and who is wrong, who is caring and who is not caring for the needy population !

      Did I say one of the 2 countries is a Tropical Mud ? Of course, and there are confirmations on a weekly basis, especially when
      comparisons are done with similar countries, from the same region or not !


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