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After Giving In to Blackmail Brazil Gets Tough With Air Controllers

Congonhas airport in São Paulo, Brazil Congonhas airport in São Paulo, Brazil

Congonhas airport in São Paulo, Brazil The Brazilian government toughened its position in negotiations with air traffic controllers Tuesday, April 3, amid fears a new strike could wreak havoc with flights over the Easter weekend. A strike by air traffic controllers Friday, March 30, halted flights nationwide for nearly five hours.

It ended when the government agreed to the controllers' demands for a bonus, review of the promotions system and change in the military status of some controllers to civilian.

But on Monday, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva called the strikers "irresponsible" and appeared to back off a key demand that air traffic controllers be removed from military jurisdiction.

Silva's reversal was apparently due to discontent in the military over his appearing to condone the controllers' violation of orders.

"We want to negotiate with all parties, but we will not do this with a knife at the throat," Planning Minister Paulo Bernardo said Tuesday following a meeting with representatives of the striking controllers. "It is very difficult to negotiate with constant threats…of turning Easter into an inferno."

The controllers' representatives left the meeting without speaking to reporters, but in a statement issued earlier, the Brazilian Association of Air Traffic Controllers said "there is no intention to paralyze work during Easter week."

Friday's strike was called to protest an Air Force decision to transfer top workers, a move strikers saw as retaliation for the slowdowns they have staged periodically over the past six months.

On Monday, the military prosecutor's office asked the Air Force to investigate if middle- and low-level controllers were insubordinate – leaving open the possibility that some of the strikers could be imprisoned.

Brazil's travel headaches began last year when the country's one-time flagship airline Varig nearly disintegrated under crushing debt, causing mass cancellations in Brazil and abroad.

In March, hundreds of flights from major airports were delayed after a failure in air traffic control in Brazil's heavily populated southern and central areas.



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  • Ric

    Humor is one of those categories that should bear the disclaimer “DonÀ‚´t try this at home.”

  • Ric

    To Allen and Bo
    Well, I understand what you trying to say Allen although very difficult for you. Bo I would like to buy 40 units off your condominiums in Surgeipy Aerocaju. Reason being I’m having an orgy with all the brazilian chicks and going to need all the condoms I can get. I must say all this wouldn’t be possible if wasnÀ¢€™t for the Swiss made Lear jet. Can you believe some folks here are trying to tell me that Bill Lear was born in Hannibal Missouri???Aviation is my life!!! Crazy mother fucking brazilians!!! Allen when you ready for the spray in Belize let me know, I can use my Swiss Lear jet to keep the staff healthy at the À¢€œplantationÀ¢€ÂÀ¢€¦If you know what I mean! 😉
    Adios amigos

  • Bo

    To Allen and Ric
    That was beautiful Allen…beautiful… If it wasn’t for my 30,000 pair of sun glasses I would have tear all over the place Allen, and that is the honest true…I am here in my miserable 10,000 S.F. humble home in Serguepi Aeracaju eating some of this horrible brazilian food and looking at my 22 year old brazilian wife’s ass…and thinking hoooohhh how I miss Arkansas. Just remember Allen I will cover your back from these motherfucker braziliam fucking assholes fucking ignorant pigs motherfuckers loosers stupid fucking brazilians!!! You watch my back and I watch yours Allen!!! God luck with you “plantation” if you know what I mean…;-)

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    To Bo or not to Bo… to be Ric or to be porr! I am rellly inspirred todeay!
    Heah well so I quit my job as a brain sugeon in joan pessoa Brazil because they stoled by god dam boat that I got as a gift from the Astrofisic department working as a welder in some of those ships, but them again why should I lieve my wife in Bernadine Texas with all those sonsabitches. So I said to myself Allen dam you you better go to Belize to try some of the KFC overthere and that is when I thought to myself …self again …god dam why don’t you go to Fortaleza and become that farmer that you all ways whana be…and get some of that fine meat overthere. Well than I met my soul mate BO in Arecaju Sorgipe and Bo said Allen you are a fine man why those dam brazilians don’t give back your damm boat is beside me…I say let those dam sonsofbitch keep all the drugs you worked so hard to bring to brazil but give you damm boat back. Well decide to lesson to My soulmate BO and said BO…dammit I wanna be just like you I wanna mery a really old and ugly brazilian girl for my green card divorse the bitch and mery again a really fine piece of ass brazilian girl half my age!!! Hot dog!!! Is that a plan or what? Well…So I decide to drive all the way down to Fernad Noronha Island and stop by Belize and this girl said to me Allen go damm you should be said about you wife… So I said Ric why don’t you come up here to Belize and help me up with the “plantation” if you know what I mean… and that is the honest god damm true!!! have a nice day Bo and Ric.

  • Ric

    Thanks and good luck.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    I live near the free trade zone so it is good , in chetumal mexico there is wall mart , the 3 major pizza resraurants , PH /D/CC buger places MD /BK . shoping mall with 45 stores and very few carry the same thing , sam club , and they are building a costco .

    land away from water si not bad i am looking at 15 a for $20.000 US
    english and spanish are spoken here . well !

    has changed a bunch sence the captian and i lived here in the 91/92 years
    made the drive down and am driving around all over the place and get stoped by the guards and not one has had there hand out for money

    http://www.lvbelize.com is a casino here

    not a many friuts as brazil ,not as many cars , no loud speaker trucks !!!!
    very nice beaches , tons of islands , good place for a busines to grow .

    2.0 to 1 is belize
    11.13 to 1 mexico

    if you shop in free zone you are not to take stuff back into belize but gringoes can , belizans that cross into mexico can be stoped at the bridge and have to pay tax on stuff they got in mexico

    looks good but time will tell
    may be like brazil later on , nice at first but as the time goes on you get a bigger chunck taken each week , till your humanity is at stake

    you can fly from brazil to guatmala then a hop to belize
    have a good one

  • Ric

    Give us your impressions of Belize. I heard it is a good place to live. And good tax laws.

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    Just made the drive from Las Vegas Nevada to Corozal Belize in 3 days
    started a new job , an went to the brazilian embassy in belize city and spoke to a person at the embassy
    about bering my wife up to live here while i do this job

    She ask me as to why would a brazilian want to leave brazil to come and live in a country like this ???????????????????????????????

    I love brazil and most the people , thoes with out bages or offices i should say .
    but to have a woman tell me why my wife should want to leve brazil , just to be here with her husban ,
    can you under my mind set right now

  • João da Silva

    TO:Forrest/such is life for the mass
    Hi Forrest,

    Tonight, you sound so philosofical. Why are you so upset?

  • Forrest Allen Brown

    such is life for the mass
    À¢€˜I am Brazilian. I have no desires, no will, no likes, no dislikes. I had been fashioned to resemble as closely as possible a human model which I had not chosen and which did not suit me. Day after day since my birth, I had been made up: my gestures, my attitudes, my vocabulary. My needs were repressed, my desires, my impetus, they had been dammed up, painted over, disguised and imprisoned. After having removed my brain, having gutted my skull, they had stuffed it full of acceptable thoughts which suited me like an apron on a cow. And when it was verified that the graft had taken, that I no longer needed anyone to control the waves which welled up from the depths of my being, I was let go. I could live freely.À¢€™ roam
    but only if set in the context of the culture that makes us Brazilians
    The network of chains that bind us: chains composed of gender, class, À¢€˜raceÀ¢€™ and religion and how the family transmits the past into the present and in doing so, hides the chains from our view.

  • João da Silva

    [quote]Eventually the manila will gobble up all the white and blackmail. Everywhere. ThereÀ‚´s a word for it, I forget.

    I did not know this until reading some of the posts written here in Brazzil Magazine. This is an educational site. Thank you, Brazzil.

    On behalf of the Management,Editors and Writers of this site (not to forget their relatives too) I thank you very much for visiting this site.

    I am sure the topic of “Manilamail” will amply be debated among our readers and we would very much welcome your active participation. For eg; Our readers might like to know if a) This new M-Mail is your invention b)M-Mail will directly compete with E-Mail c)It is your invention,do you intend selling it to Bill Gates or donating to the Public at Large?

    Thank you once again for your interest in our educational site.

  • Ric

    In Reality
    There is no such thing as blackmail in Brazil. And soon there will be no whitemail either. Manila is taking over, sort of a light brownish colored envelope.

    Eventually the manila will gobble up all the white and blackmail. Everywhere. ThereÀ‚´s a word for it, I forget.

    I did not know this until reading some of the posts written here in Brazzil Magazine. This is an educational site. Thank you, Brazzil.

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