With Sugar Cane on the Lead Brazil’s Agribusiness Exports Zoom Up 25%

    Brazil's sugarcane

    Brazil's sugarcane Brazil's agribusiness exports grew by 25.5% the first two months of this year when compared to 2006, reaching US$ 7.3 billion between January and February 2007,  The value was record for the first two months of the year. Imports totaled US$ 1.2 billion, presenting an increase of 34.4%, and a surplus of US$ 6.054 billion.

    The figures were disclosed Monday, March 19, by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. In the month of February, exports totaled US$ 3.483 billion, with growth of 20.7% over the same period in 2006. With imports of US$ 609 million, the trade balance surplus reached US$ 2.873 billion.

    The groups of products that most contributed for the expansion in the first quarter of the year were the sugar and alcohol complex, meats, coffee, juice and fruit and forestry products. As individual products, corn, ethanol, tobacco, orange juice, raw sugar, raw cattle been and refined sugar were prominent.

    Exports to the Middle East grew 47% in the two-month period, 43.7% to Africa and 37% to the European Union (EU). In the accumulated result for the last 12 months, sector exports totaled US$ 50.906 billion, presenting an increase of 15.6%. Expenses with imports reached US$ 7.014 billion and the surplus was US$ 43.892 billion.

    Brazilian agribusiness exports grew 99% between 2002 and 2006. They rose from US$ 24.8 billion to US$ 49.4 billion, according to figures supplied earlier this year by the Foreign Relations Secretariat at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

    The sugar and alcohol complex posted the greatest growth in foreign sales, 243%. Meats were in second place, with 170% growth. In the third place came coffee, with growth of 143%. After that came cereals and concoctions, 123%, and fruit, with 91% growth.



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    • Osvaldo Coelho

      Lets rake in the cash
      Let’s rake in tha cash! Let’s rake in the cahs!

    • aes

      Holly molly
      Jeez something must be going right. Seems like a good time to get involved in the Brazilian stock market. Reminds me of the ‘.com’ market as it was just begining. Look how the value of the currency has increased by 67% in value and inspite of that exports or booming. The general wisdom was the Real had to be kept high so Brazillian exports would not be effected. Apparently the world is willing to accept Brazillian exports regardless of the strengthened Real, which means that Brazillian exports have been grossly undervalued.

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