Bush Offers Brazil Energy Deal to Counter Chavez and Ahmadinejad Advances

    American George W. Bush and Brazilian Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva

    American George W. Bush and Brazilian Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva American President George W. Bush will tour Latin America in March, in an attempt to curb the influence of his Socialist Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chavez, and to neutralize recent Iranian efforts to improve ties in the region.

    Bush's visit crowns months of a US diplomatic offensive aiming to isolate the ongoing Socialist Revolution in Caracas by developing ties with South America's giant, Brazil.
    Bush is arriving in Brazil March 8 and his tour ends March 14. The US president is expected to also visit Mexico, Guatemala, Uruguay and Colombia to show agreement following years of divergences in Washington's southern flank.

    According to analysts, the ultimate goal is to stop Chavez' plans to turn the Common Market of the South into a Latin American body where political anti-US stances prevail over plain economic integration.

    As such, Bush's visit to Uruguay becomes one of the hot spots of his tour. In Montevideo, Washington diplomats are expected to deepen trade ties between both nations, something that could disrupt the Mercosur block that Uruguayans founded with Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

    Washington wants to strengthen the Brazilian leadership in the region to corner Chavez efforts to export his Bolivarian Revolution. US diplomats see President Lula as a moderate reformist who could take an alternative leadership to the radical moves of the Venezuelan.

    In order to counter the Venezuelan oil diplomacy, Washington will be offering an energy deal with Brazil for production and trade of biofuels. Together, the US and Brazil amount to around 70% of the world ethanol production.

    Nicholas Burns, the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, told newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo that Brazil "is the most powerful country in South America." Burns added that his country did not want to depend on oil from "countries such as Iran and Venezuela."

    "Energy has become a big diplomatic issue. Energy has tended to distort and expand the power of some countries beyond the power they should probably have," Burns said.

    Bush's visit to Latin America, came only one month after the Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua. Sponsored by Chavez, Tehran aims to develop closer ties in a region that ranks for its anti-American spirit.

    Iran closed energy deals and a strategic partnership in Venezuela but did not succeed in cooperating with other nations.

    Argentina, for instance, has a long-running diplomatic conflict with Tehran, as top Iranian officials have been requested by local courts on charges of terrorism after the bombing of Jewish center in Buenos Aires in 1994.

    Pravda – http://english.pravda.ru/


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    • anJu


    • anJu


    • anJu

      G. WAR Bush is NOT welcome in BRAZIL
      20. 000 people gather in SÀƒ£o Paulo for the NOT welcome party for G. War Bush.

    • Richard Welser

      I think it is too late…..
      The leaders of SA know full well what Bush represents. They are manipulating multiple variables. I imagine that everybody down there knows precisely….. but where they may falter is in their relative degrees of prescience…

    • Ric

      hear, hear
      And: Felix Rodrigues Lives!

    • Arif Iftikher

      Viva Bush? Viva USA?
      USA is the world’s greatest country! The main objective of Bush is too make Brazil the 51st state of USA and to make the Amazon rainforest Bush’s personal hunting ground. Lula will go to see Bush, like a typical trador-traitor that he really is and undermine the socialist revolution in Latin America, which is spearheaded by heros such as Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Castro, and Daniel Ortega.

      If Lula and Brazilians are as dumb to invite Bush, then god help them, as they are welcoming the very government and ideologues, who supported the vicious, oligarchic, and cruel military dictatorship in Brazil for so much of the 20th century.

      Lula is truly a turncoat, one who has turned traitor and gone against what he initially supported, namely land reform, equaitable distribution of land, wealth, and resources, racial reconciliation, protection of native peoples and other racial minorities in Brazil, and socialism.

      Shame on Lula!

    • Ana Antunes

      Lets take Bush into the Amazon…..
      Lets Hope his plane runs out of fuel and has emergency landing in the Amazon. Local natives might be able to teach him some manners, and how to behave like a certified human being. I sincerely hope he doesnt try to speak my language, it would be blasphemy.

    • Greenman

      It all depends on the brazilian oligarchy
      Brazil is not a tipical “south american” country the Us is used to deal with. The diference with their spanish counterparts is that Brazil is a country with caracter and pride. The Brazilian Oligarchy protect their interests, not like the other south american oligarchies that are subservient. In this regard I dont think they would cut a deal knowing what really at stake…american dominion of the amazon.
      On the other hand last week, the brazilian military spoke about their concern of american agrression in the area and that they are already formulating a hypothesis of conflict with the US.
      I dont think the Bush will fly.

    • james123

      Bush can go back to the USA – Chavez cares about the poor, Bush cares about US hegemony and the flooding of Latin American markets with subsidised US goods. !VIVA CHAVEZ!

    • Enrique

      It’s never too late…
      It may be a little late, but it is not too late. Besides fighting terrorism, I don’t know why waste so much time and resources in the middle east (oil?, latin america has that and a lot more resources than the middle east), latin america is right there and there’s a lot more in common with latin america than differences. What “anti-americanism”? Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, and one or two other morons are not latin america. I’m dominican and a communist moron will never win an election in the DR and unlike other latin american countries, there was actually a protest in the DR by textile workers in favor of the free trade agreement with the United States. I’ve never seen something like that in latin america or in any other country in the world. Thank God, we have the FTA now, and I haven’t seen any opposition yet. Is that the so called “anti-americanism” in latin america? Maybe they’re paying too much attention to the wrong countries. Help those that want to be part of the civilized world.

    • luke

      George “pato manco” Busch
      I believe it is a litle too late for such a visit. Proximity to the end of his administration and minority in Congress may lead this visit to nothing, or just a litle. Busch’s administrations is so involved with Irak, Iran, Palesitne, Israel, NKorea, Venezuela, Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan… that most of his attention is drained out to those “war departments”.
      President Bush should have invested more time and more efforts in his “US backyard” since his first administration, but he didn’t do so and now he is running after that lost time.
      Now, Mr Bush will have to show the world how good are his skills in foreign policy to stop that trojan horse that has already entered his “unnatended” backyard.
      All these facts are often forgoten, and added to the “L.A. anti-american” account.

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