San Diego Showcases Some of Brazil’s Best and Most Outrageous Movies

    Wood & Stock, Brazilian Otto Guerra's animated movie

    Wood & Stock, Brazilian Otto Guerra's animated movie The San Diego Latino Film Festival is back to southern California for the 14th year. Once again it will be offering some of the best Latino Cinema, including some of the best Brazilian films of recent times.

    The festival, which will happen from March 8 to 18, this year, is often recognized for its continuing mission to help correct the often distorted images of Latinos seen on television or in movies and to challenge the historical exclusion of under-represented communities in the media. 

    What is sometimes forgotten is that it has long embraced the contributions of the greater Latino community since its first year, including bringing Brazilian Cinema (student, professional, documentary, and features) to Southern California. 

    In 2006, the Festival held tribute to Bruno Barreto bringing him to San Diego along with both his classic films and his latest work.  The organization also screened Cidade Baixa (Lower City) and O Casamento de Romeu e Julieta (Romeo and Juliet Get Married), each with a full week of screenings at UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas.

    Continuing to embrace Brazil's contributions to the arts, the 2007 festival will showcase over a dozen feature and short films from Brazil, including the North American Premiere of the animated feature Wood & Stock: Sexo, Orégano e Rock'n'Roll for mature audiences, based on the hilarious characters drawn by internationally renown Brazilian cartoonist Angeli. 

    See below the full schedule of Brazilian movies:

    The Centerpiece Film
    (As part of first Cine'mation Showcase)

    Wood & Stock: Sexo, Orégano e Rock'n'Roll
    Otto Guerra
    2006, 81 min,  35 mm, 2D Animation
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    March 14 @ 7:30 PM and March 17 @ 10:15 PM

    North American premiere – Cheech and Chong, move over for this animated film from Brazil based on the colorful characters of Brazilian cartoonist Angeli. Wood & Stock comes to the US fresh from its astonishing success at last month's Anima Festival in Brussels.

    In the tradition of alternative animation (think Ralph Crumb and Ralph Bashi), Wood & Stock tells the hysterical story of two misfit die-hard hippies and their friends trying to survive in today's world. Includes the vocal talents of singer Rita Lee. Mature Audiences – Adult Content!

    A Máquina
    João Falcão
    2005, 94 min
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    March 15 @ 10:15 PM and March 18 @ 7:30 PM

    In Nordestina, a godforsaken little town, young Karina dreams of becoming an actress and wants to leave to see the world. Antônio, who loves Karina, will go on a kamikaze journey to bring the world to Karina before she leaves. Antônio announces on television that he will travel into the future from Nordestina's main square. If he fails, he guarantees that a death machine will kill him live on TV before everyone's eyes. A story in which dreams contradict reality and love transforms.

    Depois Daquele Baile
    Roberto Bomtempo
    2005, 108 min.,  35 mm  
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    March 9 @ 5:00 PM and March 13 @ 10:00 PM

    Widower Dóris keeps a small restaurant in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She gets caught up in the affections of two old friends, Freitas and Otávio, who compete for her love. Voted Best Picture at New York Brazilian Film Festival.

    Os 12 Trabalhos
    Ricardo Elias
    2006, 90 min., 35 mm
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles 

    March 15 @ 8:00 PM and March 18 @ 9:45 PM

    Heracles is a poor young black boy from São Paulo recently released from the remand home in which he was doing time. While attempting to turn a new leaf in life he lands a job as a motorcycle courier.

    On his first day at work, still on trial, he is given twelve tasks to do, bringing him into contact with a motley crew of big city inhabitants: civil servants, cops, lawyers, teachers, drug dealers, etc.

    The tension between Heracles' apparent fragility in the face of the problems set before him and his endeavor to find a new life far from the world of crime draws a realistic portrait of one of the biggest social issues in today's Brazil: that of youngsters with no perspectives. Winner – San Sebastian International Film Festival.

    Family Cine'mation Shorts
    March 17 @ 11:00 AM

    Six Animated Short Films Including

    Os Guardiões da Biosfera Mata Atlântica
    Luiz Felipe Moura & Heber Conde
    2006, 20 minutes,  MiniDV, 3D Animation 
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    North American Premiere – The Nature Watchers is a brand new animated series centered on the adventures of Alex, Rafa, Bea and Isa. They find themselves magically transported into the Brazilian forests where they meet people and creatures who help them learn about the natural world, while they experience a continuing series of adventures.

    This vibrant animation is part of a special series that is now being distributed to 7,000 schools in Brazil, reaching an astounding 7 million students (from 6 to 14 years old) with its ecological friendly message.
    Art House Cine'mation Shorts
    March 11 @ 2:30 PM

    Six Animated Short Films Including

    A Garota
    Fernando Pinheiro
    2006, 4 min,  35 mm, 3D Animation

    With bold imagery, The Kid is a Human Rights award winning tribute to the 1921 Charlie Chaplin film of the same name. This unusual short film reflects on the human condition and the effects of poverty & child labor in a sensible and poetic manner. It is estimated that 25 million children and young people are forced to work instead of going to school. No words – Music only: Impromptus Op. 142 by Franz Schubert.
    Paulo Munhoz
    2005, 14 min,  35 mm, Stop-Motion Animation
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    PAX is a current film festival favorite in Latin America, as it delivers a humorous message about religious thought in colorful stop motion action. The film questions if it is possible for good intentions to help four religious leaders in their attempt to solve the violence in the world as they struggle to find common ground.

    Latin American Shorts

    March 11 @ Noon and March 14 @ 9:45 PM

    Nine Live Action Short Films Including

    Alguma Coisa Assim
    Esmir Filho
    2006, 15 min., 35 mm 
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    Two teenagers, Caio and Mari, go out for a great night of fun in the streets of São Paulo. They dance, they laugh, they play, and they learn.

    ímpar Par
    Esmir Filho
    2005, 18 min.
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles,

    In the midst of feet that come and go, colors and violin strings, the cobbler of a small village looks for the perfect pair in a fable of love and shoes

    Nova York de Maca
    Luiz Pinheiro
    1967, 6 min.
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    A musical journey through New York via an interesting angle
    Terra Prometida
    Guilherme Castro
    2006, 11 min, MiniDV 
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    Pedro makes a rustic coffin to bury his brother, who was brought home dead. In silence, the mother holds a wake and suffers the loss of her son, while the family is flattered by the eminent guests who arrive to convey their condolences. The film emphasizes suggestions and subtexts resulting from a substantially dramatic situation. It is a universal story that portrays power relationships and human subservience.

    Faça Sua Escolha
    Paulo Miranda
    2006, 7 min.,  35 mm  
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    Chance encounters bring together a small group of people in search of love

    Experimental Borders Shorts
    March 14 @ 5:00 PM

    Five Live Action Short Films Including

    Fabiano De Souza
    2006, 15 min., 35 mm  
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    Two inmates meet in prison. Without food, they decide to solve the problem with a bet: the one who committed the worst crime agrees to be eaten by the other.

    O Dono da Pena
    Cláudia Nunes
    2005, 10 minutes,  MiniDV  
    Portuguese w/ English Subtitles

    The Owner of the Quill, based upon the poem of Marcos Caiado. Hour after hour, a poet, searching for himself, believes it is possible to change his entire life. But the same exclamation of everyday brings him back to reality. Small story of a time fragment, when we feel able to change everything in our lives.


    San Diego Latino Film Festival

    When: March 8 – 18, 2007

    Where: UltraStar Mission Valley Cinemas at Hazard Center, in San Diego, California

    For more information and tickets visit


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    • A real Brazilian

      I hope the most fucked up Americans in the world go watch and see beyond their fat and ugly bellies 😉

    • Ric

      Noted with interest the inclusion of Brazil among Latino film makers.

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