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Minas Maintains Second Place Among Brazil’s Biggest Exporters

The southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais exported in excess of US$ 1 billion for the 23rd month in a row. Sales totaled US$ 1.468 billion in January, guaranteeing the state the second position among the Brazilian states that exported most.

This information was disclosed on the site of the government of the state of Minas Gerais.

The state of Minas Gerais answered, in January, to 13.4%, of the total exported by the country. Foreign sales of the state of Minas grew 35.4%, while the national average was 18.3%. In the accumulated result for 12 months, between February 2006 and January 2007, exports from Minas totaled US$ 16.022 billion.

Meanwhile, Brazil exported US$ 1.322 billion worth of commodities in the first two business days of February 2007. Imports, on the other hand, amounted to US$ 773 million, resulting in a trade balance surplus of US$ 549 million.

The data were disclosed Monday, February 5, by the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

The daily average of exports was US$ 661 million in those two days, 36% more than the average for February last year. The average of imports was US$ 386.5 million, 16.9% more than in February 2006.

There was a significant increase in exports of semi-manufactured goods, such as iron and steel, raw sugar, leather and skins; basic items such as grain corn, tobacco leaves and bovine meat; and manufactured goods, such as frozen orange juice, ethanol and cargo vehicles.

Regarding imports, there was an increase in trade of pharmaceuticals, cereals and milling products, fertilizers, and fuels and lubricants, still according to information provided by the Ministry.

In 2006, exports amounted to US$ 12.285 billion, and imports, to US$ 9.243 billion, resulting in a US$ 3.042 billion trade balance surplus.


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  • u.s. capitalism

    1 billion in 23 months !!… WOW !!… very impressive, indeed… Now don,t forget the Billions you owe the U.S.A….

  • Your teacher

    Hey student!
    Yes we have lots of mosquitoes À¢€¦is horrible down here!!! So don’t come here stay there!! It must be fascinating to see all the trailers in the park from your window while you studying? Please if you have any extra food stamps, send it down hereÀ¢€¦we could use them to feed the mosquitoes, you know?

    Your teacher

  • the student

    I googled brazil all i saw was a vast swamp…..do you guys have a lot of mosquitos?….

  • u.s. billionaires club

    state of mind
    was that mini gerass ? minus u arse?? or minor arss???? ….

  • The accounting error!

    Was this article about Exports from minas ger arse …??? Perhaps it forgot the smuggling pi peline originating there… is that not a source of revenue?…BRAZIL 2ND WORST VIOLATER OF U.S. IMMIGRATION LAWS……..

  • Your mons fan!!

    to satelite #502
    The problem is that he can’t find Brazil on the world map… so he thinks that there is a border between the two contries. As for satelite # 502 , is the amount of blow jobs his mother gave to the wet backs on the other side of the river.

  • emt

    What the hell is this motherfucker satelite # 502 saying? He’s just another motherfucker basher of Brazil, why the hell are you in this site? Are you a fucker watchdog trying to spoil any good news about Brazil? Get a job and forget us !!!

  • bribetaker

    This stupid “satelite 502” comments. What the hell do his comments have to do with the article? why does he not patrol the border himself so that no one will get through? He must be a fag!

  • satelite # 502 southern hemisphere

    and also Minas Gerais travel agencies report record numbers of brazilians travelling to mexico to connect with traffickers in illegal aliens for the trek to the u.s. border…reports also show traffickers working in M.G. are raising prices for the trip…. traffickers expecting an end to their activities , have added premiums to compensate for the risks……U.S. law enforcement on the border await their arrival…..

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