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Brazil: Families of Boeing’s Victims See Complot to Exonerate American Pilots

The relatives of those who died in Brazil’s worst air accident ever are mad at recent news that the American pilots, whose Legacy executive jet collided with the Boeing 737, might soon be free to go back home.

They seem to think that there are economic interests and pressure behind the decision to let the pilots Joe Lepore and Jan Paladino go.

"Whose interest is that only the Brazilian controllers be blamed as culprit of this sad episode? Will it be possible that financial interests are bigger and more important than the real facts?, " they ask in a message released today to the press and signed by the Association of Family and Friends of the Victims of Flight 1907. 

The note urges authorities to give the families answers and allow them among other things to access the information in the Legacy’s black boxes, which contain data and conversation records.

Their main complaint is that they always have to be begging for information instead of having these data at their disposal when they want them.

The Association text also casts doubts on the qualifications and experience of the American pilots, whose passports have been retained by the Brazilian authorities:

"We believe that the pilots in command of a plane are always experienced and prepared to take decisions and necessary action in any unexpected situation. That’s what differentiates the experienced from the inexperienced, because the inexperienced ones don’t know what to do in these occasions and wait for instructions."

Meanwhile in Mato Grosso state, where the Boeing 737 crashed killing all 154 aboard, more than 100 pages containing transcripts of Lepore and Paladino conversations during their flight from São José dos Campos to Brasí­lia and then on their way to Manaus are being translated into Portuguese.

This material that was with the Brazilian Air Force and was given to the Mato Grosso Federal Police by court order will be analyzed by that police. 

The Mato Grosso federal authorities say now that they expect to conclude this work next week. The next step will be to once again interview the American pilots. It seems now that this will not happen before December 13.

On Tuesday, November 28, federal police chief Renato Sayão, who is in charge of the criminal investigation into the accident, had said that the two pilots would be allowed to go back home even if there were still doubts about their culpability in the tragedy.


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  • Norman Kemble

    chc YOU ARE Right
    I mean ater all I only have as much JET time as the Legacy captain has TOTAL time……Been in aviation over 30 years……….Been around the world several times ……..Been to South America, heck been to all continents except 2…Brazil a dozen times……..(BTW I heard that this was the first time either pilot flew in Brazilian airspace or South America for a matter of fact….talk about inexeperience!!!) But, NOOOOO, I obviously (and neither does anyone else on the board) have your experience…..Whatever that is…….Do you have any experience in aviation???? Other than the obvious movies or tv shows????? comic books????? Is your aviation experience at least Ernest Gann or D’Aubexberry (sic)??????? Stop being a mouthpiece for someone else.

  • jc

    to you ch. c
    Ch.c erinnern sich, daÀƒŸ du nichts aber ein coward rassistischer menschlicher AusschuÀƒŸ bist, den jeder lieben wÀƒ¼rde, bis zu einem netten Ton von Schwarzem und von Blau zu schlagen!!! Nach Hause dich erhÀƒ¤ltst gehst ein nettes Glas Wein und tust, was du bestÀ¯¿½INCEST tust! Auf einem persÀƒ¶nlichen NiveauÀ¢€¦ schlieÀƒŸe ich innen!!!

  • jc

    Hey ch.c, how are the kids doing???
    Ch.c Remember you are nothing but a coward racist human reject that everybody would love to beat up to a nice tone of black and blue!!! Go home get yourself a nice glass of wine and do what you do bestÀ¢€¦INCEST!

  • Costinha

    Put the CIA Operatives (the americans)
    where they belong… IN JAIL!

  • ch.c.

    Bad luck….the Association !
    if experience or inexperienced is what makes eventually the US pilots totally or
    partially responsible, here are facts the Assocation could have found had it been
    fair :
    – “Lepore, a commercial pilot for more than 20 years from Bay Shore, N.Y., has logged more than 8,000 hours of flight time while Paladino, of Westhampton Beach, N.Y., has more than 6,400 hours of flight time and has been a commercial pilot for a decade, she said.”

    – And proven too that the ATC is new, inexperienced AND INEPT as per his instructor !

    Based on the Assocaition reasoning they should better finger point the other side…if they have only a basic common sense !

  • ch.c.

    Inexperienced US pilots ?
    If their experience or inexperience is what make them eventually totally or partially responsible, here are facts that this Association could have found out by themselves, had this Association been fair :
    “Lepore, pilot for more than 20 years from Bay Shore, N.Y., has logged more than 8,000 hours of flight time while Paladino, of Westhampton Beach, N.Y., has more than 6,400 hours of flight time and has been a commercial pilot for a decade”

    THEREFORE based on the Association statement and explanations, the US pilots should NOT BE BLAMED ! And on the other hand the inexperienced ATC should be blamed…..as per their reasoning !

    But now…..please dont change your mind and find other bad tactics or unproven facts….to accuse the US pilots ! Accusations must be made by factual and proven details !

    Simply another demonstration of the endless Brazilian contradictions and accusations !


    The complot being from Brazilians government and officials who do not want to recognize the desesparate state of their Air Security, wether it be with the incompetence of some ATCs, and/or the short staff due to the too small budget allocated, and/or the blind spots due to either Not enough and/or old equipments !

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