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Brazil Celebrates Record Number of Tourists and Tourism Dollar

Brazil has received about 3.4 million foreign tourists who spent in the country US$ 2,2 billion, in the first semester of the year.

The amount represents a growth of 10% regarding last year’s January to June period, when the contribution of these tourists to the Brazilian economy amounted to US$ 1.8 billion.

"The numbers that we assessed in 2006 with expenditures and number of passengers are record," said Márcio Nascimento the director of  Embratur’s (Brazilian Tourism Institute) Marketing Institutional Relations.

Regarding the number of foreign tourists that traveled to Brazil, the growth wasn’t that great since 3,3 million foreigners visited Brazil during the same six-months period last year.

"There wasn’t such a substantial increase in the number of visitors. But they are spending more money in the country. In other words, we are getting a more qualified tourist, who tends to spend a little more than those in past years".

When we consider the money spent by foreign tourists from January to September, that amount grew 12.74%  when compared with the same period in 2005, when foreigners left US$ 2.845 billion in Brazil.

Embratur celebrated its 40th birthday this past November 18. According to Nascimento, the good performance of the tourism sector should be attributed to the change of focus implemented by Embratur starting in 2003. Since then the tourism institute has concentrated all its efforts in promoting Brazilian tourism overseas.

Embratur was created in 1966 in Rio de Janeiro. Starting in 1991, however, it became an autarchy or special semi-independent federal agency, earning the status of  institute linked to the Brazilian presidency’s Regional Development Secretariat.


According to Brazil’s National Tourism Plan, Embratur will be responsible for performing:

– the elaboration and implantation of the marketing plan to the Brazilian tourism;

– the definition and execution of promotional actions policies and support to the commercialization of tourist products;

– the formation and organization of new products and integrated tourist programs and

– the elaboration of studies and researches to guide the processes of decision making and to evaluate the impact of tourist activity on the national economy.

The promotion of Brazilian tourism on the international market will have the diversification of the country’s image as a strategic concept. The marketing process will organize the construction of Brazil as a tourist destination modern, with credibility, happy, young, hospitable, able to provide good leisure, new experiences to the visitors, place to make businesses, events and incentives, and will make the country internationally competitive.

The essence of the Brazilian culture and its ethnical, social and natural diversities will be integrated to the promotion and marketing program.

There will be a replacement program of the Marca Brasil (Brazil Brand) to tourism, creating and consolidating a new Brazilian tourist image on the international market integrated to the cultural, ethnical and social diversity of the country.

The promotion and the support to the commercialization of Brazilian tourist products will be based on a lot of actions, including: attendance on international tourism fairs (with the extension of the existing agenda, focusing not only the leisure tourism, but also the business and events tourism); realization and attendance on promotions (partnership with Brazilian companies for the introduction of products and events); opportunity actions (attendance on big Brazilian events abroad, like opportunity of tourism promotion); captation and promotion of events and promotion of international events.

Also will be created a generation and dissemination program about Brazilian tourism whose purpose will be to know the national and international markets, the impact of tourism on the country’s economy, to guide the investments on tourism and promote the communication of the results provided to the market, press and official tourism institutions, as well as to guide the public and private policies.



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  • Andre


    I don’t know wha leads you to post such aggressive comments about Brazil and Brazilians.

    In the first place, our country maintains a general policy of reciprocity — which means that if a country requires visas or Brazilians, we make the same requests of their citizens. There are few known exceptions to this rule. Don’t know why the Swiss would be one. Perhaps it’s because you guys make a terrible scene when attempting to dance samba.

    With all due respect, travel is a matter of personal taste. Argentina, Chile, and other cited countries are all wonderful, but they do not have the characteristics of Brazil –a multicultural and multiracial nation conscient of this trace, proud of it, and which has in its diversified culture, nature and urban settings options of travel that suit different tastes.

    If you don’t like Brazil, that’s ok. Not everyone has same tastes.


  • Costinha

    “ch.c.” is an (…o…) !
    Your verbosity is exceeded only by your stupidity.

  • ch.c.

    ….in my education I learned that going from US$ 1,8 billion to US$ 2.2 billion it doesnt equal to 10 % growth …as said in the article ! Great…the Brazilian education ! Truly unique your basic maths ! Another gold medal…well deserved ! No doubt that those managing Embratur and your reporters have a University degree or a higher education…bought in a supermaket !!!!

  • ch.c.

    What reciprocity Brazil has ?
    – sorry for you but Brazil has none ! It is on a case by case basis, despite what the government pretends !
    With my country, Swizterland, Brazilians dont even need a visa, but Brazil have a visa requirement for Swiss !!!! Typical of the brazilian policies ! They always justify their side on a case by case—–in their contradictory explanations !
    – What is more hidden is that despite your tourism growth of the last few years, your tourism “account” is in large deficit, meaning Brazilians are spending more abroad than foreigners are spending in Brazil !
    – Why should anyone really go to Brazil more than once ? Streets and beaches are dirty,
    tourists are being assaulted and services are not great at all. And the prices are no longer that cheap when compared to price/quality !
    – There are tens and tens countries far better than Brazil : Argentina, Mexico, Santo Domingo, Morocco, Australia, Tunisia. Turkey, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia (again), USA,…… just to name a few !

    Finally Brazil is missing the opportunity to attract the ex-pats of the baby boomers who are retiring and going to retire ! No doubt the most promising industry for the next 10 years minimum.
    Ex-pats can retire in many countries without paying any taxes on their “foreign” wealth and incomes ! That is not the case….for Brazil ! Brazil enjoys taxing everyone, everywhere, everytime….one way or another !

    While the retirements industry is booming in all sunny countries, Brazil is missing the opportunity. Such an industry brings a lot of wealth to the receiviong country : real estate construction and services, entry of hard foreign currencies, always on a much higher level than the local ones !

    Therefore going to Brazil once….yess……but twice….NOOOOO !
    Why bother when it is so much better….elswhere ?

  • Amerioca

    Way to increase tourism…
    Want to increase tourism? Get rid of the $100 visa per person required for US tourists. Think of a family of four, looking at vacation options…you start out $400 in the hole before you even leave for the airport! Yeah, yeah, I do respect the policy of reciprocity that Brasil has in imposing the visa requirement that the US does for Brazilian tourists… but really the people who pay for that policy are the waiters at restaurants, taxi drivers, hotel workers, etc that could be employed or paid more if tourism increased. Do you think they really care that Brasil is taking a “stand” against US policies, when the time comes to pay the rent? What better thing than to let the gringos come and leave their money in Brasil rather than Mexico or Jamaica?

  • Robert

    To promot tourist the givernment should look at the problem of crime against tourist. The number of murder, robberys, kidnapping against tourist has risen every year for the last 5 year. Instead of trying to get more money out of the few that brave the trip LuLu should look at the crime issue.

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