Despite Doom Predictions Brazil’s Trade Balance Grows 4.2%

    Exports from Brazil totaled US$ 3.114 billion in the first week of October, which represents a reduction of 8.92% when compared to foreign sales in the previous week.

    Imports also fell 4.52% and totaled US$ 1.985 billion. With this, the trade balance surplus in the week totaled US$ 1.129 billion.

    The accumulated trade balance in the year has already reached US$ 35.131 billion, with growth of 4.23% when compared to the surplus registered in the same period last year.

    The trade balance result remains above the 2005 levels, despite the official and private forecasts that the annual result would be lower.

    The food performance for the year is the result of total exports equivalent to US$ 103.827 billion against imports of foreign products for the value of US$ 68.696 billion.

    There has been expressive growth in both trade flows, with Brazilian sales growing 15.95%, and purchases rising more, 23,02%.


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    • cinzento

      Uau what a good argument “we’ve been having it for decades”, And what progress giving the miserables 20, 40 bucks? and being the last country in grow among the third -world? after … haiti. good standards, levelling by
      down, hehe

    • Leandro Rosa

      PT ?
      I still can’t understand why our actual president is so criticized.
      Corruption ? ,we’ve been having it for decades ! .. but the truth is one:
      Lula has lead our country into progress. In a way, or another.

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