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Once Again Organized Crime Terrorizes Brazil. More than 50 Attacks.

For the third time in three months the city of São Paulo, Brazil, was the target of a wave of attacks against public buildings, banks, supermarkets and buses. Preliminary information tells that there were at least 50 attacks with bombs and firearm shots.

Once again, buses were set on fire before dawn. At least 23 of them were burned in the eastside of the city and in the ABC area, in the Greater São Paulo. In response some bus lines stopped running.

In a daring raid, people linked to the PCC, a prison gang, threw a bomb against the public defense ministry building in downtown São Paulo at 5 in the morning. The building is just a couple of blocks from the São Paulo Public Security Secretariat.

There were also two attacks against the Metropolitan Civilian Guard buildings. And five cars belonging to the DEIC (Department of Investigations on Organized Crime) were burned.

Fourteen bank buildings were also attacked. An Unibanco branch was completely destroyed after being hit by a car bomb. A homemade bomb thrown against an ATM hurt two people who were taken to an emergency room. At least five gas station were also hit by shots and bombs. In one of them a truck was set ablaze.

The PCC, First Command of the Capital had promised to restart its attacks if the public ministry didn’t allow inmates to leave prison for Father’s Day, which is celebrated in the second Sunday in August, in Brazil. Apparently they started to fulfill their promise.

If the justice approves the measure prisoners would be able to leave the prison between August 9 and 15.


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  • ch.c.

    What a wonderful example the leaders …..
    ….of Brazil ( Lula and his gang) are setting for the youth of this corrupted ridden country :
    Steal government money, provide impunity to the guilty people.

    If there is impunity for the rich, there should be impunity for the poors.

    Funny too, that in Brazil, prisoners are RELEASED SEVERAL TIMES A YEAR !!!!
    But corrupted and guilty politicians are freed during the WHOLE year !

    Brazil is a country with a deep problems of interpreting : innocent and guilty.
    Even judges are not supposed to follow the laws but are allowed to interpret them by themselves.
    And corrupted politicians are not judged by the the Justice, but in secret votes by all the other politicians, just as much corrupted.
    Thus guess why so many politicians have been absolved by their accomplices of wrongdoings.
    It is simply the same if you would ask the PCC to judge other PCC members of wrongdoings !
    The PCC is a gang just like the politicians gang ! Both do illegal things.

  • Alfredo Hannibal

    Violence as a way to set an example of Fatherhood
    What a wonderful example the leaders of organized crime are setting for the youth of this crime ridden city. Destroy propertym injure innocent people so that PRISONERS who happen to be fathers can be released for a few days. If the were such good fathers they would not be in prison in the first place. How absurd!

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