Brazil and Mercosur Snub the US and Back Venezuela for UN Seat

    Mercosur full members expressed on Friday, July 21, support for Venezuela to occupy the United Nations Security Council non permanent seat for the coming 2007/08 period.

    In one of the 43 paragraphs of the Mercosur presidential summit final declaration held in Cordoba, Argentina, the group states its "conviction" that Venezuela will "promote unrestricted respect" for the principles and norms of international law.

    Venezuela early this month was formally accepted as a Mercosur fifth full member, and is currently in the process of complying with the incorporation timetable which extends until 2010.

    Venezuela’s presence "will contribute to the necessary balance in addressing those issues", which are competence of the UN Security Council.

    Besides the presidents of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and host Argentina the Cordoba gathering included the leaders of associate members Chile and Bolivia and Fidel Castro from Cuba, which signed a trade agreement with the group.

    The final declaration describes Venezuela’s membership as a "historic milestone" in the integration consolidation process and underlines that Mercosur is consolidating as an instrument to promote "integral development, to address poverty and social exclusion based in the concepts of complementation, solidarity and cooperation".

    The United States is sponsoring Guatemala for the Latinamerican non permanent seat, which must be renewed at the end of this year.

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    • ch.c

      Come one ! Lets be serious…for once !
      Dont you believe Brazil and all S.A. countriesa are not for big business ????
      Has Brazil not a trade surplus of over US$ 10 billions with the U.S.A and also with the EU ?
      Is Brazil not requesting in fact to sell and exports even more goods BUT but import even less, despite there existing trade surplus ?
      Where is the end of their UNFAIR arrogance ?
      And despite the Chavez rethoric against the USA, who are their biggest buyer ?
      What else does Venuezuela produce….except oil ?

      Why is there so much poverty in Venezuela, a country so rich in oil ?

      What did Chavez with all that wealth and money ?????????

      Not much, except more corruption.

    • George

      Venzuela is right
      I live in the US and am proud of some of the accomplishments of the US. One is our security. We have one of the best police forces in the world. It is not perfect, but people from all economic sectors and feel relatively safe. Another is our military. I feel safe if another country were to attack us.
      What I am not proud of is the way our recent politicians are attempting to judge all countries on the basis of their willingness to allow the US to do business with them using the US rules.
      The world has to stop trying to be like the US. Our government is only for big business. Soon all the world will be over-indulging at the sexpense of the environment. Chavez is on the right track , if he is really able to work for the people and not for his pocket. If he is able to continue to work for what is right, and not for what makes money for a few people, and still create a goverment were all feel safe and represented in government, then perhaps I might ask to be allowed to live in Venezuela!

      George, from the US

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