How Door-to-Door Sales Made Cosmetics Firm Natura into a Giant in Brazil

    Countries all over the world are interested in taking the Brazilian brand Natura, leader in cosmetics, fragrances and personal hygiene in Brazil, to their market.

    Since they opened a store in Paris, in April last year, the company has received orders from many parts of the world to do the same in their countries, according to the director of Internationalization at the company, Renata Ribeiro.

    Natura, however, according to Ribeiro, plans first on reinforcing their presence in the countries they are in already before moving on to other regions.

    Natura started recently a more aggressive process for entering the foreign market, going to France and Mexico last year. Before this the company sold to Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

    Chile, in fact, was the first country to receive the company’s products, 24 years ago. The company’s revenue with exports is still small: about 3% of sales, which last year was of R$ 4.5 billion, the equivalent to about US$ 2.08 billion, according to figures disclosed by the cosmetics firm.

    According to Ribeiro, the company started planning opening a store in France in 2002, which happened in April last year. The store, called Maison Natura, works as a retail and also a distribution and meeting point for the consultants, who are the people who sell the products of the brand to the final consumer.

    Natura follows the door-to-door sales system. In Mexico, in turn, they opened the Casa Natura in August last year. The point doesn’t make sales, however, but works as a space for the consultants and for transmitting the concept of the brand.


    Natura works with a concept socio-environmental concept of business. The company, for example, uses elements of Brazilian biodiversity to develop their products in a sustainable way.

    Due to their direct or door-to-door sales model, the company also generates income and work to many saleswomen in Brazil, which is one of the pillars of their social responsibility. The company has 519,000 consultants in Brazil and abroad.

    Natura invests 3% of their income, according to Renata, in innovation. They create 180 new products per year, she said at a seminar at the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), in São Paulo.

    The company was founded in 1969, but it was with the direct sales system, adopted in 1974, that the company took off. With the direct sales, the consultants, women of different social classes, who sell the Natura products in their work and home environments.

    In the 1980s, the company grew more than 30 times in revenues. Entering new countries in South America, apart from Chile, happened in the 1990s.

    Last year, the company’s income increased by 27.7% over the previous year. Natura produced 200 million units of the products. Currently, the company has an integrated center for research, production and logistics in São Paulo.

    The company also has commercial and distribution units in Itapecerica da Serra, in the state of São Paulo, and Uberlândia and Matias Barbosa, in Minas Gerais. In 2004, the company opened their capital and has shares negotiated in the São Paulo New Stock Exchange Market (Bovespa).

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    • Organic lip gloss

      Looks like a lot of work
      Wow , being a model looks like a lot of fast paced work.
      Most of the top celebs are turning to organic lip gloss because they have found that chemical lip gloss does not hold it’s shine as well as organic. Why add unnecessary chemicals to your skin when you do not have to? Organic lipstick is the way to go to make sure that you look good while remaining healthy.

    • Bridget

      buy in new york????
      I was living in Brasil this summer, I am a grad stuent in New York City, and I purchased some Natura products from a friend and fell in love with them! Is there any way to buy them online or have them shipped to US???


    • Padma asokan

      becoming a consultant
      Hi ,
      I am padma from India .I have been using Natura products through some consultants from brazil
      I would like to promote these products in India now ,lookslike India is the most prospective country now for venturing into organic cosmetics .I am also running a software off shore facility with 35 engineers .
      I would like to market this product in India .if it needs anty training i do not mind coming to Brazil .do let me know .
      You can contact me on th eabove mail id or call
      hand phone : 91-44-9841077877

      Warm regards

    • Dionne Graveney


      My name is Dionne Graveney. I am a Jamaican entrepreneur and I am very interested in establishing a Natura Franchise in Jamaica. I have a clothing and accessories store called ‘VERDE’ but am now branching out into cosmetics marketing. I am an environmentalist also, and was very impressed to read that Natura utilises Brazil’s biodiversity in their production. I love using their products and their products look absolutely fabulous on me. I want to have these cosmetics at my fingertips, so what better way to do this than to distribute them here in Jamaica. Please contact me via e-mail or phone: (876) 407-1225 or (876) 969-0231 to put me in touch with the Director of Internationalization at Natura. The door to door marketing is also very convenient for me.

    • Vilma Gruodiene

      Hello, i am setting a company in Lithuania and i really would love to work with NATURA brand. My concept is – organic cosmetics.
      Waiting for your reply
      Vilma Gruodiene

    • Donna Arnett

      My name is Donna Arnett. I live in Missouri, USA. I would like to know more about Natura and how I can be a representative of your company. I am currently employed with a full-time job but also implementing my own internet sales business and hoping to get involved with another lucrative venture that will allow me to create my own work day.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Donna Arnett
      409 Holtz
      Excelsior Springs MO 64024 USA

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