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New Prison Riots in Brazil Leave Three Dead and 245 Hostages

Prison riots in Brazil have killed three inmates. The deaths were reported Sunday and today at the Viana prison in the state of EspÀ­rito Santo in southeastern Brazil.

One of the inmates was decapitated. The bodies of the dead were hung outside the prison close to the entrance to the maximum security penitentiary.

Reports say inmates there and in São Paulo state are holding hostages including guards and prisoners’ family members, even children, who were visiting when the outbreaks began.

Armed with five pistols and two grenades the inmates are demanding that the drug traffic bosses who were transferred to federal units be brought back. The government guarantee that this will not happen.

Authorities said there have been at least eight uprisings since Wednesday, June 14.

Last month, the First Capital Command gang instigated a series of prison riots in São Paulo. In addition to the May inmate rebellions, the gang launched a series of attacks against police officers.

At least 170 people were killed, including police officers, civilians and prison inmates.



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  • Guest

    Brazilians have No time…..
    …to take care of this incident, it is WC time.

    Therefore who cares ?

    Unfortunately for you, these incidents are more and more frequent, soon they will be regular.

    You are at war….with yourself !

    Isnt that great ?

    There is far more violent crimes and deaths per year than in the Iraq war !!!!!!!!

    Isnt that great too ????

  • Guest

    pistols and grenades…in prison….(rolleyes)

  • Guest

    sem problema, we kicky futebolly goody…

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