Brazil Snubs US and Backs Venezuela for UN Security Council

    Brazil’s Foreign Affairs minister Celso Amorim said it was only "natural" that his country should support the candidacy of Venezuela, instead of Guatemala, to the United Nations Security Council.

    Speaking during the annual assembly of the Organization of American States in Santo Domingo Amorim said that "Venezuela is a neighbor and fellow member of Mercosur", although admitting that "Brazil faces a difficult situation since we have excellent relations with both countries".

    "It’s only natural that Venezuela as an immediate neighbor, and as member of Mercosur should be supported by Brazil to the post of non permanent member of the Security Council".

    United States is strongly lobbying in support of Guatemala.

    Mr. Amorim statements followed two long meetings with US Deputy Secretary of State Bob Zoellick who openly sponsored in the OAS meeting Guatemala’s candidacy.

    "Guatemala is an interesting candidate because it has benefited from UN programs and has also contributed," said Mr. Zoellick who is trying to convince Caribbean countries that the Belize dispute between Britain and Guatemala is not sufficient excuse to support Venezuela.

    Latinamerican countries are divided between Venezuela and Guatemala for the post of the Latinamerica and Caribbean Group non permanent seat in the UN Security Council which must be decided by next October.

    This means that if no regional agreement is reached, the General Assembly of the United Nations will have to take a vote on the issue and decide on which candidate.

    The winner needs the approval of at least two thirds of the 191 country members, but a third of the assembly is enough to block any candidate.

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    • Guest

      fuck all of you
      you can all suck a Dick

    • Guest

      You certainly are a good representative of a lot of Americans. ( Not all of them).
      If you had had a good education your vocabulary would have been a different one. — Your ideas would not be so Middle- Age- ones.
      I am sure you are not used to reading. Opening the mouth and letting out stupid words is a clear reflex of your lack of spending your time over the books. There are better hobbies than exposing yourself like this.
      You may catch up, but it will have to study earnestly for many years. If you are young, it is OK. Otherwise, you´re in big trouble.

    • Guest

      Brazilian Visa !
      Do you give visas for hundreds of thousand of Bolivians, Peruvian, people from Honduras, Nicaragua ?????????????

      Why ??????????

      Your reason is exactly the same as the one from the USA !!!!

      Soooooo….simple !

      Many poors from countries named above have also a strong desire to reside in…..Brazil !!!!!!!

      You are not a country with reciprocity. Nothing is bilateral in your way of thinking, way of life, lifestyle.

      Everything is…..UNILATERAL !

      Starting with…..your trade with foreign countries !

      Does the word reciprocity exists… Portuguese dictionary ? Let me have my doubts !
      Or prove it with facts…..not words !

    • Guest

      You are right !
      Americans are ignorant. They did not go to Brazilian schools.
      And that makes them more literate, educated and knowlegable than Brazilians !
      This is why they are the Nbr1 nation in the world and that you lick their ass to get Preferential trade status while at the same time you repeatedly are against them !
      This is why millions of Brazilians are even ready to pay a large amount to enter illegally the USA to have a new life and a new future.
      Simply because there is no future in your shitty country, where every single politician is corrupted to the roots.
      Just look at the ambulances corruption. 283 parliamentaries have been named in the report. 283 out of around 450 total !
      This just shows that whenever someone can steal in country, he wont hesitate.

      You are a shame to humanity.
      You export agricultural products to the tune of US$ 40 billions but you dont want to feed your own citizens.
      You are oil self sufficient, but your gasoline is far more expensive than in the USA !!!!!!

      Brazil is made of crooks, criminals and corrupted people.
      There is insecurity, no justice, crimes everywhere, no social inclusion, and the majority of citizens are poors due to people like you.

    • Guest

      When your visa is denied, who is snubed then??

    • Guest

      Who comes crying to the USA everytime there is a security crisis somewhere in the world? Answer – Everybody, even Brasil and Chavez. The bottom line is this, the USA is the greatest country in the world and will be the most dominate for the next 200,000 years.

    • Guest

      I don\’t get it.
      I don’t care for either America or Chavez! America is a pain, and Vennezuela is about to be a bigger pain!

    • Guest

      PICK UP ONE.
      Viewpoint 1: America backs up Guatemala.
      Viewpoint 2: Brazil snubs US

      Who runs this magazine? CIA ?

    • Guest

      First of all , this magazine used the word “snub”. It is usual reading highlights like this. From start they get you to step back and have bad feelings about Brazil. Just think it over.
      Don´t be an easy prey. THINK11

      Now, it should not be a surprise.
      Guatemala is not representative of Latin America. It is small and has a light weight in politics.
      Who cares about Guatemala – Answer: US diplomats .

      Look at this:
      Guatemala – 12 million inhabitants, 108.890 square kilometers – GDP – US$63 billion

      Venezuela – 25 million inhabitants – 912.050 square kilometers – GDP – US$164billion

      Anyway, take it easy. Your opinion is irrelevant. Americans are ignorant , biased and are self-centered (There are exceptions, of course)

    • Guest

      stupid pro americans. get over yourself.

    • Guest

      You snub USA….
      …and later beg beg and beg to keep the Preferential trade with them !

      You are not someone deserving preference !


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