10,000 Churches to Become Complaint Centers at Brazil’s National Elections

    It will be possible for Brazilians to register complaints about this year’s October general elections in 10,000 Catholic churches and 1,000 Bar Association (OAB) offices around the country.

    Both the Catholic Bishop’s Conference (CNBB) and the OAB have volunteered to monitor the elections and provide centers for complaints as well as voter information and orientation.

    "We have placed our facilities, one thousand lawyer offices, along with those of the Catholic church, totaling 10,000 parochial centers, under the orders of the Election Board (TSE)," declared Roberto Busato, the head of the OAB.

    Busato went on to say that his organization is deeply concerned with campaign financing.

    "We have decided to get involved. The people cannot just sit back and let NGOs and the TSE try to monitor the election," he said.

    "We have not had election reform. The legislation we have is basically the same we had in the past. We must crackdown on the illegal use of economic power and illicit money in election campaigns."



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      Watch out
      Watch out for the protestant
      church. Operaˤao sanguessuga is showing they are after money and power. They have an empty discourse and lots of money in the underwears.

    • Guest

      You corrupted and bought them too ?

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