Brazil Counting on 1.2 Million Tourism Jobs in 5 Years

    The Brazilian tourism sector should generate 1.2 million direct and indirect jobs in Brazil up to the end of 2007. According to the minister of Tourism, Walfrido dos Mares Guia.

    Since 2003 there have been more than 600,000 work posts created. The estimate is that this year will be closed with the opening of another 310,000 positions.

    Creating work posts is one of the aims of the National Tourism Plan, launched in April 2003, after being debated with the private sector.

    "The private sector understands and appreciates the effort made in the president Lula government for developing tourism, which means generating jobs, distributing income and attracting resources," stated the minister.

    The Brazilian Tourism Institute (Embratur), of the Ministry of Tourism, participated at the 13th edition of the Arabian Travel Market, main fair in the sector of the Middle East, which took place between the 2nd and 5th of May, in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

    This month Embratur also participated in fairs in Barcelona, in Spain, and in Portugal. Also in May, the Brazilian government is going to participate in events in Lima, in Peru, and in Frankfurt, Germany.


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    • doug Chicago

      ignorant = to be oblivious. the facts that both dee-da-dees are true in very broad terms. learn more of the country , i bet your some of those people that actually believe that on a normal basis you think outside the box! on a lighter note, who doesnt like sex?


    • john2222


    • Guest

      If only the brazilians learnt to love their country as much as everybody else does, and they kept it clean and safe and protected their heritage, Brasil would be a paradise for tourists and billions of tourism dollars would pour in. But it will not happen,,,,

    • Guest

      yes more sex worker jobs and more sex tourists.

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