Brazil Starts New Campaign to Eradicate Foot and Mouth Disease

    May 1st marks the beginning of another phase of the vaccination campaign against foot and mouth disease in Brazil. This new phase will cover 14 states and the Federal District.

    The plan is to vaccinate 139.4 million head of cattle, equivalent to 69% of Brazil’s total herd of 202.5 million head.

    The state of Goiás was also on the May vaccination calendar, but the state, which possesses a herd of 20.4 million head, rescheduled the start of the campaign for April 26.

    According to the vaccination calendar of Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply’s National Program for the Eradication of Hoof and Mouth Disease, the states that will begin the campaign on May 1st are expected to vaccinate their entire herds.

    The states are: Acre (2.2 million head), Amapá (76.9 thousand), Amazonas (1.3 million), Maranhão (5.9 million), Mato Grosso do Sul (24.1 million), Pará (17.4 million), Paraná (10.2 million), Piauí­ (1.8 million), Rondônia (11.3 million), São Paulo (13.6 million), Sergipe (972 thousand), and Tocantins (7.9 million).

    The herd to be vaccinated in the Federal District is composed of 114.4 thousand head. The second phase of the campaign in these states will occur in November.



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