Brazil Hopeful Unemployment Rate Will Drop Below 10%

    Brazil’s government is acting on the premise that it is possible to generate jobs in sufficient quantity not only to meet the demands of those who are entering the labor market but also to reduce the overall unemployment rate.

    This could cause the unemployment rate to fall below 10% before the year is
    out, affirmed the Minister of Labor, Ricardo Berzoini.

    “This encourages us greatly, because it represents a significant conquest by
    the government in reducing unemployment, which is a central goal of economic
    policy,” Berzoini said.

    “This could mean even more than ten million jobs
    by the end of the Administration’s mandate,” the Minister claimed, following an
    address to members of the Association of Sales and Marketing Executives of

    For the Minister, the current statistics are very promising, since there was
    a 2% reduction in the country’s unemployment level in three months.

    The unemployment rate in the metropolitan region of São Paulo was 19.1% in
    June, compared to 19.7% in May, according to the latest survey by the state
    statistical bureau (Fundação Seade (Sistema Estadual de Analise de Dados)) and
    the union-linked economic study department (Departamento Intersindical de
    Estatí­sticas e Estudos Sócio-Econômicos (Dieese)).

    The survey shows that
    107,000 jobs were created. Wages rose 3.2% in June, compared to May, following a
    four-month long downturn. The average monthly wage in São Paulo is now US$ 316
    (975 reais).

    Agência Brasil


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