US Calls Brazil World Leader in Ethanol and Deep-Sea Oil Drilling

    Latin America is well placed to become a leader in supplying biofuels and renewable sources of energy for the rest of the world. As well as that, the United States and other developed countries are keen to explore partnerships within this sector in the region.

    Such conclusions came up in one of the debates of the World Economic Forum (WEF) dedicated to Latin America, which ended Thursday, April 6, in São Paulo.

    The minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade of Brazil, Luiz Fernando Furlan, said there were 50 new projects in the sugar and alcohol sector in the country, segment which involves the production of alcohol fuel.

    Ethanol has been used in large scale as a fuel in the Brazilian fleet of vehicles for about 30 years. "There may also be opportunities for joint ventures," said Furlan, according to a statement released by the WEF.

    "There is a very serious energy agenda that we can work on together," said the United States Assistant Secretary of State Economic and Business Affairs, Anthony Wayne, according to the statement.

    According to him, his country started developing a program to diversify their energy sources. "And Brazil is a leader in the production of ethanol and deep sea drilling for petroleum," he added.

    The North American also said that the United States have their eye also in the natural gas produced in Argentina.

    Brazil has also already started producing in industrial scale biofuel from oleaginous plants, like soy and castor seed.



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    • Capitain Barbosa Lusitano-Portuguesa! Portuga boy!

      The Judge
      U=Use democracy in vane
      S=Suck the resources from the weak and hopeless
      A=Assasinate the democratic that was voted in by the people to create a dictatorship to steal the resources from such countries.

      America the beautiful πŸ™

    • Capitain Barbosa Lusitano-Portuguesa! Portuga boy!

      Captain Barbosa
      Democracy! The USA, rubbish! USA, the land of the mighty, the free, look at the US dollar… πŸ˜‰

    • Capitain Barbosa Lusitano-Portuguesa! Portuga boy!

      Capitao Barbosa
      You Yankees love the negro so much that even a negro president is very possible, in Brazil that is a pipe dream.
      That goes to show you that you are not a little racists. White Yankees (US racists!)

      The USA can go to ‘H’, terrorists! Vampires, that prey on the weak. Go pick a fight with China or Russia, hahahahahah!

      Paper tigers, Hugo Chavez was right!

    • Guest

      There are more negros in the United States than in BRAZIL and that is known fact.

      Read your history Yankee Gringo!

    • Guest

      People talk about that Brazilians are wannabee Europeans-whites.

      Let me correct your ignorance, if you do not know what your talking about it is better to keep you Yankee lips sealed shut.

      Brazil is a melting pot of Portuguese(official), Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Dutch, French and Spanish White Europeans, Asians, Arabs, Blacks, molattos, Jews and native indians.

      The US has mor Pure bread Negros than Brazil.

      The USA has a frenzie for Negros, Brazil doesn’t.

      Washington DC is 90% Negro, the US Capital, Washington.
      George Washington loves the Negro do you know why because
      the Negro in Washington is Washington.

    • Guest

      US is will be another colapsed soviet Union by 2035.

    • Guest

      Brazil without a doubt by 2025
      will be a first world country, 100% self sufficent.

      The States grew fast and will fall fast.

      Brazil grew slowly and may fall but it will be much slower than a US crash..

      Brazil by 2050 will be the ultimate leader in the west, that is fact.

      Brazil has every concivable resource that nature has to offer.

      The State doesn’t.

    • Guest

      Viva Brazil
      Brazil = ethanol
      USA = getting killed in Iraq and Iran

      Enjoy yourself

    • Guest

      Get off your high horse!
      Your full of melarky! This really shows people’s attitudes toward any country of color coming into power. FYI the AIDs rate in Brazil is only one tenth of one percent greater than it is in the states yet many would lead you to believe that Brazil was much higher.

    • Guest

      How dare you, that’s amusing for Brazilians who are known for their shenanigans licentious conduct and vulgarity, huuum. A Brazilian being defensive as ususal, again.

      Alright, Brazil is a wonderful country more advanced than even America that is the perfect model for the whole world. Happy?

      Btw, isn’t this suppose to be an open forum? This is so unbelievable.

    • Guest

      Strongest Near Term Alternative Energy S
      The USDA happens to believe that ethanol will almost double in production in the US by year 2012:

      “The Renewable Fuel Program of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 mandates renewable fuel use in gasoline (with credits for biodiesel) to reach 7.5 billion gallons by calendar year 2012, nearly double 2005’s level. This program largely affects production of ethanol, which is primarily produced from corn. Additionally, relatively high prices for oil contribute to favorable comparative returns for ethanol production, providing further economic incentives for expansion in the production capacity of that industry over the next several years. To reflect this ongoing expansion, the baseline assumes that the legislation’s renewable fuel standard is significantly exceeded through 2010. In subsequent years, ethanol production is assumed to be closer to the levels in, or levels based on, the legislation.”

      With oil pressing toward record highs, brazils position as a world leader in ethanol production only makes sense – proof that Brazil has its eye on the future and has taken steps which will combat economic instability introduced by volatile energy prices.

    • Guest

      TO MR IDIOT.

    • Guest

      This just goes to show that Brazilians are quite capable of being productive when they want to. For instance, Brazils advancements in ethanol and biofuels… deep sea oil drillings….first astronaut into space… nuclear energy programmes…aircraft technology & production. building & construction….exquisite love nests… medicine & technolgy…[are Brazilian heads swelling?] …agriculture…Informationtechnology….livestock productio and so on.

      Then, on the other hand, Brazilians have screwed up on; inexplicable deprivation….astranomically high prostitution….child sex abuses, sex tourism…high illiteracy rate….police brutality …racism…unfair distribution of wealth….. institutionalized corruption…Oh, i’ll STOP there because this will go on until tomorrow.

      You see, Brazilians sure do have the BRAINS to address these embarrassing issues but do they really want to?

      Now that’s the BIG million dollar question…How. Straaaange!!!

    • Guest

      Again Another Stupid remark!
      Brazil is doing very well at this moment. The only thing that Brazil can do wrong now is to allow the USA take control of our bio technology.

      We have been very stupid for a long time, but I hope that Lula will show the world that we can take care of our own business.

      This does not mean that we shouldn’t allow the USA invest in our business! The point is that we should remain fully in control of our business (petrol and biofuel)

      And Then…..

      ….Brazil can start to develop in a healthy way, i.e, growing slowly, but without deficits, like it happend in the past.

      This of course will consequently eliminate:
      – wealth inequality.
      – corruption.
      – red tape.
      – bureaucracy.

      But not completetely of course. (that is impossible of course)

      But as Brazil is becoming already a second world country (or NIC) it will reduce all these deseases that are part of poverty.

    • Guest

      But Brazil excels also in….
      – in wealth inequality.
      – in corruption.
      – in impunity for its politicians.
      – lack of growth compared to it peers the developing countries.
      – red tape.
      – bureaucracy.

      Just to name a few.

      As to the junkie who says Bye bye
      Saudi Arabia, I dont know to what school you have been if any.

      Simple maths would show you that before
      you produce more energy equivalent with pour oil and sugar than Saudi Arabia, even your kids wont see this if ever.
      Even if ALL your country is planted with soy, sugar and castor seed.
      If it happens anyway dont be that proud.
      Your kids may jkust as well be sugar sane cutter or slaves in a large landfarm.

    • Guest

      Bye bye Saudi Arabia . . .
      Great Idea!! Now let’s just see if Bushco can pry itself from the embrace of big oil . . . Doubtful. Too bad – this is the first step to dis-engaging the Middle East and letting them descend into complete sectarian strife and self-destruction.

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