Brazil’s Lula Vows to Spend US$ 462 Million This Year in Popular Housing

    Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the Mayor of the northeastern city of Recife, João Paulo Lima e Silva, handed this Friday, March 10, the keys of 224 apartments to families that until now used to live in houses on stilts.

    Each 39-square meter (419.8 square feet) apartment has two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and a bathroom.

    Investments for the construction of the new homes reached US$ 2.2 million, of which US$ 600,000 came from the state.

    In his speech, President Lula said that the federal government will invest this year, through the Ministry of the Cities, US$ 462 million in the construction of popular housing.

    "Our objective is to change the situation of extreme poverty of 100 thousand families that still live on houses on stilts, in the main cities of the country," said Lula.



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      …it is highly doubful that “ONLY”
      100’000 families in houses on stilts.
      That is not even the numbers of MST families living under plastic tents !!!!!

      Lula will continue to hide and lie through his teeths, until the last second of his life !
      BORN TO LIE ALL HIS LIFE !!!!!!!

    • Guest

      A JOKE ! A SHAM, A SCAM!!!!
      The official government site,, today
      published 2 news.

      One written by Irene Lobo, saying that the federal government paid Reais 2.6 millions, the rest being paid by state government.
      The second artcile, wriiten by Marcia Wonghon, said that the cost was Reais 4.8 millions, that the state govbernment paid 1.3 millions.
      therefore The Federal government cost should be Reais 3.5 millions.

      Now, from one article the Federal government paid 2.6 millions and from the second article the federal government paid 3.5 millions.
      The difference of Reais 900’000 is then unexplained….as usual.
      It represents 20 % of the total construction costs.


      Ohhh Yesssss, sorry, this is election year, CaÀ¯xa 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the PT party are in dire need of cash, as they are techinally bankrupt.
      Corruption must do was it is supposed to do !
      then you can understand why Lula was present at the inauguration of the project TO SHOW HOW PLEASED HE WAS. !!!!!!!!

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