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Unable to Maintain Roads Brazil Puts Another 2600 Kms for Bid

The Brazilian government plans to place the administration of another 2600 kilometers of federal highways in private hands. The bidding process on seven highway stretches will begin in May.

The roads made available are in the states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espí­rito Santo, Paraná, and Santa Catarina.  The contracts should be signed by the end of the first semester, and toll stations are expected to start operating early in 2007.

The general director of the National Land Transportation Agency (ANTT), José Alexandre Rezende, informed that the federal and state governments "have difficulties in maintaining the highways, and the best highways in the country are presently administered by concessioners."

The population, he said, will receive the benefits of inexpensive tolls and regular maintenance.

The firms that present the winning bids, either individually or in the form of consortia, will invest around US$ 8.5 billion and will be granted 25-year concessions, eligible for extension. The firms will be responsible for highway maintenance and the construction of toll booths.

The concessioners, Rezende added, will also be accountable for environmental balance in the area of the highways, and they will be prohibited from transferring part of their concessions to other groups and making changes in financial control during the first three years of the contract.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    Excellent news!
    How about extending that to airports, ports, etc… Privatize everything there is to sell and let the private sector do the job. I guess the politicians won’t allow that since they would lose much of their cash cows.

  • Guest

    If Lula is a manipulator, voters will find him out.
    Have you heard of the boy who kept crying wolf?

  • Guest

    Point taken…I have got a headache and my head is spinning.

    What are lawmakers doing to Brazil during this mandate?

    Don’t knock me try trying though!!!!!!

  • Guest

    How is this possible ?????
    Just refer to what Lula said not later than T few weeks ago, namely :

    that Reais 350 millions will be freed to repair all the potholes of Brazilians roads, and that the job will be finioshed in….6 months !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lula the junkie has no idea of the cost of roads repair in a country with 50000 kms of roads and with hundreds of thousands of potholes.

    Some said that this amount would only cover the cost to put sand in the potholes, and that this sand will disappear anyway by the next heavy rains.

    At that time Lula also said the federal government will take back the roads from the states, because they did not do their maintenance job.
    Just as unable as the states, now the federal government will transmit them in the….private hands !


    Lula is really a manipulator, a crook and a junkie !

  • Guest

    Does it have to be that way as other developing countries use pay per travel motorways which are priced reasonably.

    Take for instance the country of Malaysia. They have excellent roads which are maintained efficently and the prices seem to be satisfactory.

    If the main reason why lawmakers have put forward this plan is based on getting as much money out of your citizens as possible…. this will inevitably cause frustration and discontent.

    Brazilians could start thinking about giving something back for a change, and hold back from screwing it’s own people.

    The government could consider looking at this proposal again…. to avoid unforeseen upheavals

  • Guest

    The problem is that here in brazil We have NO option to choose for the path we use, when talking about roads… One example is the road that lead São Paulo to the litoranean cityes (Guarujá, Praia Grande, etc..) We have to pay absurds, like about R$20,00 to go and come back.
    I Think that if another company creates another way… another option to the citizens would be given and I’m shure that the only choice we have is to expensive. Imagine if you have to pay about US$10,00 just because you want to travel 98km Ah, don’t forget to pay also the gasoline, check the oil in your car, see if the tyres are ok. Well you have to pay for everything today. For me i’ts Ok, since its not abusive.

  • Guest

    I thought opening up the highway to private contractors would be normal practice as in developed countries?

    As long as this is done ethically without the institutionalized Corruption and Backhanders…. this should work but this government will have to prove it to the citizens.

    All roads should be built on schedule and…… in budget or strick fines imposed which must be stipulated in contracts!!!!!!!!

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