To Deny that Santos Dumont Invented the Airplane Is Insolence, Says Brazil’s Lula

    Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has officially instituted 2006 as Tourism Year. The goal is to bring more foreigners to Brazil and increase domestic tourism.

    This year will also be Santos Dumont Year in Brazil in honor of the aviation pioneer who made the first public flight in a heavier-than-air powered aircraft one hundred years ago in October 1906 in Paris.

    President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva launched on October 21 the campaign to celebrate the centenary of Santos Dumont’s pioneer flight in the 14-Bis. 

    The Brazilian government created an interministerial commission, composed by 16 ministries and coordinated by the Defense Department, to organize and to analyze about 150 events dealing with the centenary celebration.

    They include Santos Dumont balloons and planes replicas and the donation of children books on the Aviation Father’s history to  public schools and libraries.

    "There was already attempts by others who wanted to have the primacy of having invented the airplane, trying to deny Santos Dumont’s extraordinary feats. We will dedicate a whole year to commemorate Dumont so that we can show not only to Brazilians, but to the whole world, who in fact is the Aviation’s Father. It is a Brazilian called Santos Dumont, and the rest is just insolence", said Lula at the campaign’s launch.

    Santos Dumont carried out the first flight in the 14-Bis on October 23, 1906, in Paris, the date in which Brazil celebrates Aviator’s Day.



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    • ryan

      😉 im sitting here in this class gatta go

    • Bruce

      Share the credit?
      Well , valid attempts to make a good point… There is plenty of proof to instigate an argument about who should really take the merit for the invention of the airplane. Some could even argue that, on that avenue, that the credit should go to the Chinese with their giant kites; or Leonardo DaVinci and his airplane drawings.
      But clearly, foreign policy is not our strongest point, and mainly we manage to steer away from the argument, hang on to our pride and “piss off” another foreigner.
      This is really bad for us folks. A bunch of places hate us already, lets not make them think that only idiots or uncultured fools live here, come on…
      I mean, this guy is cursing the heck out of us , and I don’t even need to speak portuguese to understand that. Can you really blame him. We manage to insult his country and a number of other things instead of talking about AIRPLANES. When will we learn? Perhaps the day that when someone makes a compelling argument , we would look into it and have an intelligent discussion instead of each side taking written jabs at each other. By the way, this fellow Santos Dumont led a very interesting life; I recommend it for a good read.
      ps- I think Santos Dumont deserves the credit for the first DOCUMENTED flight and our beloved Orville Wright and Wilbur W. should get recognize for the incredible, invaluable contributions to what the airplane is today (and secret, not so well documented first* flight)

    • Brasileiro

      Que essa raÀƒ§a do caralho nunca ponha os pÀƒ©s aqui.
      Americans: go to hell e vÀƒ£o pra puta que os pariu

    • tsamra

      hi 🙁 🙁 😮 😮 😮 8) 8) 😛 😥 :-* :- 😛 8)

    • Guest

      Not so. From safe New York
      Sorry, you’re wrong. New York is not only the safest city in the US but also one of the safest in the world. Sorry to disappoint, but our crime rate is one-hundredth that of Sao Paulo or Rio….

    • Guest
      Hello! good job! -ambien cr dosage

    • Guest

      you\’re sad
      same could be said about new york, detroit, chicago…

    • Guest

      “They include Santos Dumont balloons and planes replicas and the donation of children books on the Aviation Father’s history to public schools and libraries.”

      I bet those books will be old re-used educational rags created by Vagas from the 40´s when he began his “minsitry of Truth” campaign to instill a bit of dignity into a self-loathing population. Once again, Lula will try and make a splash, Brazilians will eat it up, and the rest of the world will just shake their head’s in embarrasment and disbelief, wondering why Brazil is so backwards. Oh well, it´s carnaval soon, so nothing concrete will be done until after feb.

    • Guest

      The goal is to bring more foreigners to Brazil and increase domestic tourism.

      Nice try. The country needs a lot more tourists.
      Brazil is the perfect country for that spcecially S.Polo and Rio de Janero.


      I wonder:
      How many of them will be mugged?
      How many o them will be killed when the mugging is progress.
      How may of them will be cheated?
      How many of will be killed just for fun
      How many of them will be shot and killed by a stray bullet.

      Dear tourist, this lines are not an effort to make you tremble neither poop in your pants.
      All I’m trying to get through is that bringing a Kevlar protection, a good running shoe (though I doubt you can run as fast as they who are about to mug you. They are good at that mainly because they are always running from the cops)

      Do not expect a 911-type call be (I don’t know what is their phone # but I’d bet on 666- try it out dear tourist).
      If you, by any chance will have a condition, do not expect to see an ambulance in less than 1 hour or so.
      For those who have a heart condition, this is the perfect time to check out how good is your doctor.

      Another warning, when swimming in the sea do not get upset by some strange brownish floating stuff right in front of your nose. Just push it away from you preferable to your 6 o’clock.
      Brownish seawater is also highly suspect. You are on your own, pal remember that.
      Do not jaywalk and do not wear clothes that cry telling the whole world that you guys are tourists.

      After all carnival is right at the corner and between January and Carnival is the right time to the Brazilian guys ask for a small contribution for the CAUSE (Carnival).
      You guys will in my prayers independently where do you come from.

    • Guest

      he needs to take that argument up with the rest of the world!! Every single aviation council in the world, and every country in the world, recognizes that the Wright Brothers made the first flight. Even France acknwledged it, long ago, where Dumont’s flight took place. To be expected though from someone that never had a higher education.

    • Guest

      and for Lula it is insolence…..
      …to say that vote buying was done by his accomplices and close friends.


    • Guest

      Tourism year ?
      What Lula is not telling you, as usual, is that despite the record of tourisms entgering your country, far more brazilians travel outside the country.

      The net result is that your “tourism account” is in deficit of US$ 800 millions for the first 11 months of 2005 and growing year after year in view of your favorable economy.

      Will Lula never in his life give the right story and continue to distort the sad reality he wants to hide ?

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