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Brazil’s Açaí­ Makes Further Inroads Among Health-Minded Americans

US-based Caffe Classico Foods  announced that it is going to start selling its Belizza açaí­ to Robeks, one of America’s fastest growing healthy lifestyle franchises.

Robeks is making Belizza scoopable açaí­ the centerpiece of its antioxidant-rich smoothies and drinks, which are sold through nearly 80 stores in 16 states.

Açaí­ (pronounced AH-sigh-EE), a small palm berry, is a Brazilian fruit with a rich flavor that some describe as a mix between berries and chocolate.

According to Robeks’ Chairman & Founder David Robertson, Robeks is "committed to offering the most nutritional alternatives to traditional fast food for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

"Belizza açaí­ aligns with our philosophy of offering our customers the highest quality, antioxidant-rich and flavorful açaí­ smoothies and bowls."

"Since we rolled out the product in conjunction with our fall campaign, sales of our açaí­ smoothies and bowls have increased more than 20%," added Angy Chin, Robeks’ CFO.

Açaí­ grows wild in the Amazon rainforest and packs an amazing health punch. Natives of Brazil have been eating açaí­ for centuries, typically grinding it into a pulp to eat for breakfast or as an energizing snack.

Açaí­ is now making waves with surfers and other health-minded people in the know, and is often used in smoothies to add both antioxidant healing power and great flavor.

Deep purple in color, açaí­ is extremely rich in the very same antioxidants (anthocyanins) found in red wine. According to their distributor, açaí­ antioxidants battle against free-radical molecules and help combat premature aging and even help prevent serious illnesses like heart disease.

Caffe Classico Foods’ President Tom Heffernan, whose family started the company in 1976, said that the deal with Robeks "is a major step for us as we broaden our offering of premium products including gelato, sorbetto, and now scoopable açaí­.

"We know that people around the country will love this product as much as people in the Bay Area already do. Robeks is an ideal partner for us when it comes to reaching people who love food, take an interest in health, and want to try something extraordinary."

"Tom is a fun, proactive, and action-driven leader, and we have a blast working together. I am sure as a team we’ll introduce more exciting products for our customers in the near future," said Angy.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Manhattan Beach, California, Robeks has 76 stores in 16 states and is currently expanding in over 33 major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

Caffe Classico Foods – www.caffeclassicofoods.com

Robeks – www.robeks.com


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    i purchased your roast beef it sucked

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