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Inquiry Shows Brazilian Government Was Bribing Congressmen, Says Opposition

While members of political parties allied with the government say there is no evidence of the vote buying scheme known as the "big monthly allowance" ("mensalão"), members of opposition say the evidence clearly shows it did exist.

The rapporteur/redactor of the Post Office CPI, deputy Osmar Serraglio from the PMDB party of the state of Paraná, has just released a second partial report on the investigation.

According to deputy Eduardo Paes from the PSDB (São Paulo) the Serraglio report "shows that the mensalão did exist in various forms. We have discovered a corruption scheme that has its roots in state-run enterprises and branched out into the Congress."

Deputy Antônio Carlos Magalhães Neto (PFL, Bahia) calls the discovery of the existence of the mensalão the greatest victory of the CPI.

Magalhães Neto says he intends to show that the payment scheme funneled money from pension funds, government enterprises and even the private sector into the pockets of politicians.

Agência Brasil


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  • Guest

    ACM will not be allowed…..
    …by the corrupted politicians, the justice and even the Surprem Court….to demonstrate how deeply guilty they are.

    The same happened for money laundering.
    From 1998 to 2002 over 100 billions (yes…billions) Reais were money laundered outside Brazil. On december 18, 2004, your lawmakers voted to NOT open an official investigation on the subject.

    Quite normal, because 91 politicians were named in the report !

    Nonetheless just a few middlemen, the money changers, have been sentenced to long jail terms. BUT NO owners of this huge amount of money. But middlemen just act on instructions and on behalf and for the accounts of the beneficial owners !

    Pizzerias owners will never stop cooking Pizzas.

    All your politicians are really smiling because impunity will prevail, corruption and vote buying will continue. They decide !

  • Guest

    those who reveal the secrets….
    ….are the only ones punished. Jefferson !


  • Guest

    Don\’t ask, don\’t tell
    And nobody figured out the bribing til today (12/22/05)?

    Gimme a break

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