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Brazil: Mother of Man Condemned for Killing US Nun Says Son Is Fall Guy

A court in the state of Pará, in northern Brazil, has found two of the accused killers of the American nun, Dorothy Stang, guilty. Clodoaldo Batista was sentenced to 17 years in jail and Rayfran das Neves was sentenced to 28 years in jail.

Stang was an environmental activist involved in the fight for land rights in the Amazon River basin. She was killed in February of this year.

Supporters of Stang, including two of her brothers, said they were satisfied with the court’s decision.

The mother of Rayfran das Neves, who confessed that he participated in the crime, said that her son did not tell the whole story and that he was taking blame for someone else and being used as a scapegoat.



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    U.S. out of Brasil!
    If the Americans would keep their noses out of Brasil, maybe the nun would not have been killed. She’s not the first to be killed and will not be the last. Get this gringos out of South America. Ship them to Iraq.

  • Guest

    and impunity
    is the name of the law, if you have money.

    In Parana, after 772 killings, 3 landowners were sentenced to jail terms.
    BUT 2 disappeared and 1 is doing his jail term at his luxurious mansion.

    Results : 0 landowners in jail, after 772 killings in 30 years.

    This is not justice, but brazilian justice.
    How can anyone be then surprised that Brazil has the world worst wealth inequality after Sierra Leone.
    Brazilian citizens are the slaves of the elite minority and the country are the farms of this minority. Justice then cannot be fair as decided by those few kingpins

    the day Lula was elected he became member of this club and dedicated to their ideologies.

  • Guest

    The day a Brasilian assumes responsibility for his or her action is the day Brasil will finally begin to move foreward. As this case shows, that day has yet to arrive.

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