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652 Brazilians Are Being Tried for Money Laundering

The main reason of Brazil’s 3rd National Strategy to Combat Money-Laundering (Encla) is to discuss ways to deal with the problem and establish firm goals.

The meeting, which began today and will go on to Sunday, December 11, is bringing together representatives of 30 executive and judicial bodies in Vitória, capital city of the state of Espí­rito Santo. The relationship between illicit funds and terrorism is one of the 20 topics being discussed.

According to the national Justice secretary, Cláudia Chagas, the fight against money-laundering is also an important way to combat organized crime.

According to Chagas, the Integrated Management Cabinet for the Prevention and Fight Against Money-Laundering (GGI-LD) has been active on various fronts to combat this crime.

To exemplify, she mentions the sharing and circulation of information among government bodies, including the participation of the judiciary and the Public Defense Ministry, besides the training of public servants to fight the practice of money-laundering.

The battle against terrorism will also be debated during the meeting. According to Chagas, Brazil already participates in international accords to fight terrorism.

The National Secretariat of Justice has already identified around US$ 300 million in funds suspected of having been transferred illegally from Brazil and blocked abroad.

According to the Secretariat, 652 people are being tried for money-laundering and 90 of them have already been sentenced.

Agência Brasil


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    Wrong, and short memories.
    From 1998 to 2002, Reais 100 billions or so was money laundered outside Brazil.

    A few money brokers got long jail terms but no beneficial owners of this huge amount were found guilty.

    Despite a report, that evidenced the money laundering, your politicians voted and decided at the end of last year not to open an official investigation.

    In the report, 91 politicians were named !!!

    Smile !

    Therefore how could Brazil pretends to be against money laundering when they dont pursue the biggest and largest of the money launderers ?

    No doubt that the 652 brazilians that are actually being tried, have money laundered far less that the 100 billions or so mentioned above.

    It is like saying that you wont go after the criminals who each killed 50 or more people, but go only after those who killed between 1 and 3 people.

    Non sense as usual.

    Impunity is the name of the game for the
    ultra wealthy brazilians minority !

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