Brazil Wants US to Return Indian Blood Taken 40 Years Ago

    Brazilian government lawyers and prosecutors (Ministério Público Federal) (MPF) are investigating the whereabouts of blood samples taken from Brazilian Ianomami Indians in the 1960s and 1970s.

    "At the time the blood samples were taken there was no information about what was to be done with them. The problem is that in the Ianomani culture, the dead are cremated and if there is any blood left it must be thrown in the river. The Ianomani believe that blood survives a person and must be destroyed ritually," explains Mauricio Fabretti, a federal prosecutor.

    Letters have been sent to universities and research centers that are believed or known to have Ianomani blood samples. According to Fabretti, most of them are American.

    "We will initially attempt to have the samples returned through friendly negotiations. If that does not work we may have to operate through an American law firm," explained Fabretti.

    The prosecutor added that Brazilian prosecutors are also investigating whether or not the samples were taken with authorization from the Indian Protection Foundation, the Ministry of Health or the Indians themselves.



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      US citizens have NEVER respected other nation’s cultures and beliefs… The very basis of the American mindset is built on Manifest Destiny, which basically means “God gave Americans the right to do whatever they want and fuck everyone in the process”. No wonder the USA is hated throughout the world… what amazes me is how surprised Americans are when they visit other countries and find out they may not be welcome there!

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      Got to be a really slow news day

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      Even though US is a melting pot of several nations and races, it seems that some of the US citizen don’t respect other’s nations culture and believe.
      If blood samples were taken without offical permition. Samples should be returned and fine should be applied for not complying with local laws.

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      Brazi lian blood
      just return th f”” bunch of red ass everybody in the world got cell phone.

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      whereabouts of blood samples taken from Brazilian Ianomami Indians in the 1960s and 1970.

      What the fuck is this? You want what ????
      How about returning the $$$$ from the politicians who are skinning the brazilian people instead ???

      PATETHIC !!

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      An interesting beleif, however, since the substanbce involved is blood it cannot be “dumped” in a river since blood is classified as a biohazard in Brazil and must be desposed of as such. Dumping biohazards in a river is not an option. I suggest that those involved have way too much time on their hands.

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