Brazil Sends Blair a Note: Key to Security Is Fighting Poverty

    Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva sent a message Tuesday, November 15, to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair. In the message Lula praises Blair’s speech on trade negotiations in the context of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    Lula praised Blair’s stand on behalf of a "rapid and successful conclusion to the Doha Round, for the good of all, but especially the developing countries."

    The Brazilian President argued that "only by combatting poverty will we erect the security we all need, and only through trade rid of unfair and injustifiable distortions will we be able to incorporate millions of human beings in the dynamic sphere of the global economy."

    Brazil’s Minister of Institutional Relations, Jaques Wagner, participated last week, in Brussels, Belgium, on the debate about the contribution of organized civil society for the restructuring of the World Trade Organization (WTO). He talked about the subject with the President of the European Economic and Social Committee, Anne Marie Sigmund.

    According to the Secretariat of Institutional Relations, the theme has been one of the concerns of the Brazilian government, in the context of the changes that will need to be introduced in the multilateral organizations involved with the improvement of world governance.

    Brazil’s Economic and Social Development Council (CDES) has participated on the Work Group of the International Association of Economic and Social Councils.

    After several meetings in June, the Group approved a report where they make several recommendations regarding the role of the organized civil society for the WTO.



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      what is missing in Blair\’s speech !
      For obvious reasons, the following was voluntarily omitted :

      ” In return Brazil, India and others should move on cuts in industrial tariffs and services liberalization “

      WTO negotiations could be so much easier if Brazil would use the word TRADE for what it means and not simply Agriculture trade !!!!

    • Guest

      Why does Lula says this to Blair ?
      Brazil has been unable to handle their poverty for the last 50 years.
      His statement “…and only through trade rid of unfair and injustifiable distortions..” is contradictory.

      – By reducing agriculture subsidies in developed nations he says pridces will be higher. Who wil pay or subsidies the poor countries that already now cannot buy sufficient food ? Wioth a higher price I doubt they could buy more, by definition.

      His statement clearly mentions TRADE but he is willing toi talk only on agriculture. But agriculture is only a small part of the TRADES between countries.

      What about manufactured goods and financial services barriers that you dont want to reduce in the same percentage that you are asking a reduction in agriculture subsidies ? By doing so the free and open market would reduce the cost of these goods instead of just rising them in agriculture.

      This would create far more new jobs worldwide than just the few millions in agriculture.

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