Brazil Has 228,000 College Professors. 48% Work in the Southeast.

    Brazil has 228,319 university professors. 22.7% (52,376) have doctoral degrees or higher, 35% (80,787) have master’s degrees, 29.4% (67,822) have specialized degrees, and 11.8% (27,334) have only undergraduate degrees. Together, the number of holders of master’s and doctoral degrees represents 57.7%.

    These data are contained in the first edition of the National Registry of Teachers in the Federal System of Higher Education, prepared by the Aní­sio Teixeira National Institute of Educational Studies and Research (Inep) and released today by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

    According to the registry, 48% of Brazil’s university professors work in the Southeast region. São Paulo is the state with the largest number of active professors, 23.6% of the total. The states with the least number of professors are Acre and Roraima, each with 0.2%.

    Most of the professors with doctorates are concentrated in the Southeast region (55.8%). The North is the region with the fewest holders of doctorates (2.9%). São Paulo is the state with the largest number of professors with doctorates (16,073), while Amapá has the smallest (24).

    As for the number of institutions of higher education legally in existence and registered with the MEC, the study showed that the state of São Paulo is the member of the federation with the largest number of listed institutions (568), followed by Minas Gerais (329), and Paraná (183).

    Another aspect considered in the registry is the ratio between the number of professors with doctorates and the number of enrolled students. The study indicates that there is one doctoral degree holder for each 80 university students in Brazil. The best ratios are found in the Southeast region (1/70) and the South (1/75).

    When it comes to the ratio between the number of professors with master’s degrees and the number of enrolled students, Brazil has one master’s degree holder for each 52 students. On this item the South presents the most favorable ratio (1/41).

    Agência Brasil


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    • Mohamed kandeel

      I want to lecture in a Brazilian University
      I am a professor of obstetrics and Gynecology in Egypt and would love to have a chance to work there as a visiting professor to lecture junior staff and medical student…any advice?

    • Guest

      Genetics. Just like in The U.S.A. we have millions of dumb people who can’t point France on the world map.
      When you’re born, your brain is either a good brain or a crappy one. What you do with it is as far as it will go.

    • Guest

      Brazil and education.
      What is known is that they invest only a few percent of GDP to the education.

      As an example given by Mailson da Nobrega :
      South Korea spends one-third of what it spends on education on pensions. In Brazil, the situation is the opposite, with pensions representing two and a half times the amount spent on education.

      You can then understand that education has no priority in Brazil whatever Lula and his government can say. Numbers are more eloquent than words and demagogic promises. Numbers are facts !

    • Guest

      What\’s the pay?
      With all these professors, how come so many of the population are illiterate? When will Brazil teach the young? What’s the pay for a teacher?

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