For LatAm Elites Brazil’s Lula Is on Top in Popularity and Bush on Bottom

    Chilean President Ricardo Lagos is the most popular leader among the 34 heads of state that will be arriving in Mar del Plata, Argentina, for the IV America’s Summit.

    At the other end of the ranking strangely enough stands Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez 29%; George Bush 25% and Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo, 23%.

    The Washington based Zogby International consulting company and the Business School from the Miami University contracted the poll which rated support for President Lagos at 68%, followed by Brazil’s Lula da Silva, 64%; Mexico’s Vicente Fox, 56%; Nestor Kirchner, 49% and Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe, 47%.

    The opinion poll was done among 500 representatives of Latinamerican elites in six countries from the region, last August/September. They include leading private sector businessmen; renowned media people; academics both from private and government education institutions.

    President Fidel Castro who will not be present at Mar del Plata figures next to Venezuela’s Chavez with 27%.

    Mr. Fox and Lula da Silva are supported by half of their countries’ elites but regionally drop to 38 and 31%. As to presidential performance, half of those interviewed are not satisfied, an attitude which jumps to 71% for Brazil’s Lula da Silva; 70% in Mexico and 68% in Venezuela.

    Opinions regarding Argentine president Nestor Kirchner are split almost equal, while Chile’s Lagos and Colombia’s Uribe receive top marks, 88 and 62%.

    However with the exception of Mr. Lagos, in all countries the elites are not satisfied with presidential performance in specific areas such as corruption, 67% and poverty, 56%.

    President Lagos is also chosen as the Latinamerican "model" leader with 84% support in Chile, 51% in Argentina and 29% in Venezuela.

    Among reliable and trusted organizations for Latinamerica elites figures European Union, 95%; Japan 93%; France and Spain 92%; Great Britain 81%; China 78%; United States 71% and last of all Arab countries, 46%.

    The positive opinion of Britain varies from 69% in Argentina to 91% in Venezuela.

    A majority considers Spain the region’s best friend in the world, 37%; United States 12% and 14% did not reply.

    Spain also figures as the most reliable country for Argentina, 49%; Mexico 44% and Chile 42%. United States stands strongly in Colombia, but Argentines and Venezuelans are more inclined to say they have no best friend overseas.

    As to China, 56% believe she will become Latinamerica main competitor in the near future, but four out of five consider China will also prove to be an important partner.

    Mexicans are the most cautious about China’s competitiveness, 94% and the Chileans, 65%, the most optimistic about the Asian giant’s potential for the region.

    This article appeared originally in Mercopress –


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    • Guest

      What bullshit. Who has ever heard of Lagos. I’m from Australia and in my country the most respected leader in the Americas is Chavez and than Fidel Castro .
      The other US toadies like Uribe Fox and rest are not even worth talking about since they are no more than Yankee stooges. As for Bush the leader of the “free world” he is as popular as a big pile of smelly shit

    • Guest

      …distorted numbers….again and again
      Below is the rating that is the original one….and appeared in this same site on september 26 :

      Mr. Lagos collected 32,1% of opinions, Brazil’s Lula da Silva 18,4% and Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe, 11,7%. The list also shows Mexico’s Vicente Fox, 9,2%; Nestor Kirchner from Argentina, 6,9% and Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez 5%. The last two places were for Cuban leader Fidel Castro with 2,9% and Peruvian president Alejandro Toledo, 1,3%. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Strange but normal manipulation of original poll….from your government !!!!!!

    • Guest

      stupid rating !!!!!!
      …..if Lula would be rated with the EU presidents….he would be last….for sure !!!!
      …..if Lula would be rated with Asian presidents…he would be at the queue….for sure !!!!!!!!

      Simple demonstration !!!!!

      Finally you dont treat as you should….your biggest trading partner. Eventually time will come in a not too distant future…that you will lick their feet again when your continued mismanagement will surface again !!!!!!.

      I just remind you that around us$ 70 billions go to agriculture subsidies….from the EU…and far far less from the US !!!!
      But on this sub jectyou critize far more often and louder the USA instead of the EU !!!!!

      I just remind you that it is also the USA who are asking for far deeper cut in subisidies from the EU… !!!!!!!!!

      So your best friends are not the ones you refer to !!!!!!!!!

      Sooner or later….your ingratitude…will have a high price to be paid….politically or economically !!!!!

      Ohhhh…by the way….I am not American…but totally European !!!!!!

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