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Brazil Workers Party’s Chief Calls Charges Against His Party Baseless

The president of the PT, Deputy Ricardo Berzoini, from São Paulo state, described as "baseless" the accusation published in the cover story of the weekly newsmagazine, Veja.

According to the magazine, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s election campaign received US$ 3 million from Cuba in August-September, 2002.

"There is no way a party like the PT would run such a risk, since it would be violating the law and lose its registration. The Federal Constitution is clear when it comes to the loss of party registration. Receiving foreign funds is one of the grounds for this," Berzoini affirmed.

He also said that he is serene about the possibility that the lawyer Rogério Tadeu Buratti will be summoned by the CPI (Parliamentary Investigative Commission) on Bingo Parlors to testify on this matter.

According to the magazine, Buratti and Vladimir Poleto, both former advisers to the current minister of Finance, Antonio Palocci, when Palocci was mayor of Ribeirão Preto (in the interior of São Paulo state), claimed to have heard that the Cuban government sent money for Lula’s presidential campaign in 2002.

"The CPI has the right to investigate. If the convocation occurs, we shall follow it closely to prevent the illegal acts that some [legislators] have committed, such as summoning people who have nothing to do with the focus of the investigations. We shall accompany it with serenity, because we have nothing to hide," the president of the PT declared.

Agência Brasil


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    How could this guy…sincerely denies the charges ???????

    What about the Caixa 2 used for the corruption and vote buying scandals…..where he too knew NOTHING apparently ????????

    If he is sure this time…it means he was/is involved with the Caixa 2…by definition !!!! And by definition it means he knew about all the tricks used in the Caixa 2 for the corruption and vote buying.

    Either he knew/knows nothing for both charges or knew/knows it ALL !!!!!!

    So simple ! Therefore tell him he cannot be right in the two cases !!!!!

    His contradictions implies he lies in one case or the other !!!!


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