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Kerry Responsible for Haiti Turmoil, Says Brazilian General

The commander of the United Nations peacekeeping force in Haiti says comments
by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry may have helped trigger a
recent wave of violence in the country.

Brazilian General Augusto Heleno said Mr. Kerry’s comments may have raised hopes among supporters of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide that the ousted leader would return to power.

General Heleno was referring to remarks Mr. Kerry made to The New York Times some 7 months ago.

Mr. Kerry said if he were president, he would have sent U.S. troops to protect Mr. Aristide.

He also criticized the Bush administration’s policy in Haiti as “shortsighted.”

There was no immediate response to the general’s charges from Mr. Kerry.

Mr. Aristide left the country under international pressure in February as rebels descended on Port-au-Prince. Much of the violence since his departure has been blamed on his loyalists.



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  • Lloyd Cata

    Kerry’s Fault or more Right-wing Propaganda?
    [u]Mr. Aristide left the country under international pressure in February as rebels descended on Port-au-Prince. Much of the violence since his departure has been blamed on his loyalists.[/u]

    From this statement everyone can see the deception of the Right-wing propaganda machine. Make no mistake, it operates throughout the hemisphere, and was last seen by the NRA gun lobby to defeat gun control in Brazil. It is documented that NRA sent up to $20 million to defeat an internal Brazilian gun proposal. So much for non-interference. If this behavior is acceptable then all of Latin America and the Caribbean is bound for trouble.

    [b]”Mr. Aristide left the country under ‘international pressure'” LIAR!!![/b]
    It is well documented that Mr. Aristide and his family were removed by American forces. Perhaps they did save his life, but only after arming and coordinating the criminals and thugs of the former regime. Mr. Aristide was then taken to Central African Republic, where his fate was decided by the Anglo-French axis. The international outcry of his removal as the democratically elected leader was so loud they had to free him.

    [b]”violence since his departure has been blamed on his loyalists.” MORE LIES!!![/b]
    The systematic persecution of anyone associated with Mr. Aristide is also well documented. As well as the two-faced policy of the US concerning Haitian refugees. The world is not blind to this situation, and this attempt at confusion only further exposes the hypocrisy of those who will not accept an independent Haitian government.

    [b]The situation in Haiti simply amounts to the most racist agenda in the world today, without exception![/b] To blame any portion of it on statements by any single American politician is ridiculous and would be comical if it was not for the serious situation facing the Haitian people.

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