Brazil’s Trade Surplus Grows to US$ 30 Billion

    Brazil sold US$ 1.871 billion in products to the exterior last week and bought the equivalent to US$ 1,017 billion, which resulted in a trade surplus of US$ 854 million, increasing to US$ 1.381 billion the surplus for the month of September.

    The information was released today by Brazil’s Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade. In the year’s accumulated value, the trade surplus has reached US$ 29.729 billion, US$ 6.631 billion more than in the same period in 2004, the result of exports of US$ 79.023 billion and imports of US$ 49.294 billion.

    Brazilian exports have yielded US$ 11.348 billion in August and once again beat a monthly record. In comparison to the results in August 2004, there was an increase in 25.3%, according to the information by the Ministry of Development.

    Imports, in turn, increased more than sales and reached US$ 7.676 billion, or 36.5% more than in the same month last year. With this, the trade surplus in August was of US$ 3.672 billion.

    In the accumulated value for January to August the shipments of Brazilian products yielded US$ 70.086 billion, an increase in 24% in comparison to the same period last year. Imports have increased by 21% in the year and reached US$ 47.738 billion.



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      M. Jennings
      What is ABr as a source? You have non-recognized sources! It looks suspicious.

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